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Ok, I’ve been tagged by Mr. Geek. I need to list 5 current addictions and then tag 2 people.

5 addictions.


Hubby says I have an addictive personality.  So, stopping at 5 will be a problem.

  1. Facebook.   It’s evil.   It’s one GIANT time-sucker-upper!   But, I love it. (I’ll add Twitter to this mix too!)
  2. Blogs – Blogs, Blogs, blogs,and everything about blogs.   I love to write them.  I love to read them.   I love them!  (Here is where I begin to sound like Dr. Seuss….another addiction.  “I would not could not with a fox, I would not could not in a box.  I would not eat green eggs and ham……I would not could not eat them, Sam-I-Am.”)
  3. Books.   I.  love. to. read.   I read a lot.   I also tend to spend lots of money on books.  Another addiction.
  4. New things.   I am a lover of new things.    I love to buy new things.   I love to get new things.  Books, clothes, shoes, recipes, scrapbooking supplies, pictures, you name it……. I love new things!   It’s like the feeling ya get on the first day of school when everything is new….I LOVE THAT!   Another addiction.
  5. Merlot.  I love it.   Nothing like a big ol’ glass of it after a long…ummmm…week.  😉 LOL

This is where I could go on and on to include…….Coca-Cola, bloglines, shoes, crafts, flip flops, bowls  (I LOVE BOWLS!   Especially my AtHome America ones that I have all over my kitchen!   I’ll have to post about that someday…)  Ok…..I’ll stop now……..but…..ok, I’m done.

Here is where I tag 2 others to complete this exercise in addiction.   So, Jen and Helen…let me pour you a glass of wine…….and have at it!   😉

3 thoughts on “My Name is Tendrils, and I am a _______aholic.

  1. RC says:

    You didn’t mention my honorary tag. 😦


  2. Mr Geek says:

    I wish I was sophisticated enough to enjoy wine … I have never got past the point where I am drinking it just to get drunk.

    Coffee too, I just don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    Maybe when I grow up 😆

  3. jen says:

    Huzzzah! A post for the morrow! LOL Thanks!
    (or I was going to keep gritching about my dead laptop or politics or how busy I am or or or…LOL)

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