Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

September 11th.  Wow.

Has it really been seven years since that dreadful morning when I was standing out on hall duty before school and one of my assistant principals came up to me and informed me that a plane had just slammed into the World Trade Center.   I can still remember that feeling.  My stomach dropped below my knees.    My heart raced.    I went back to my classroom and watched a terrible piece of US history unfold before my very eyes.    I remember standing in a classroom watching the television on my 3rd hour prep….and I watched the 1st tower just crumble.   Then shortly thereafter, down went the second building.   I went numb.  What a horrific day as we sat and watched a city and then later that night our country come to a complete stand still.  I remember sitting at home with the desire to do NOTHING but watch the TV as I hungrily sought answers to the huge question “WHY?”

The images from that day are forever ingrained in my memory.

We will never forget the heroes.  We will never forget the innocent people who perished that day.  We will never forget the feeling within each of us as we stood helpless, watching the horror unfold in real time on the news.

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