I know it was a short work week as we had Monday off; Tuesday was staff development day; Wednesday was a school day; Todays I ran 15 transition meetings for incoming 6th grade students and their parents; and Tomorrow is FRIDAY – Thank the Good Lord!

I started at 7:30 this morning and had a new set of parents and their student every 30 minutes.  I finished at 4:00 PM. Exhausted.  It’s one of my favorite parts of my job… easing parent’s minds about transitioning in to a big ol’ scary middle school… and I do mean big!  We’ll be nearly 2,000 next year for grades 6,7, and 8.  It’s really nice to spend so much time with each family.  I describe our school in general terms (map, schedule, planner, etc) then go into important dates from now until school starting (september 8th), and then hit what sixth grade at our school looks like (classes, interventions, etc) before launching into how we will meet their needs and how we will deliver special education services for their student.   That’s why it’s my favorite part of my job… I get to brag and teach families what a great school we have all while easing their minds, making connections, and educating them about middle school.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I really can’t wait for the weekend!  My sister-in-law is visiting us, so we’ll get together with her and my hubby’s brother and his wife.  I get to go to a class on essential oils on Saturday morning, too!  And of course, Sunday is OSCAR DAY!  :-)  We make apps and ballots and watch the whole ceremony.  Fun times!

Time to watch me some Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder… and have a glass of wine.  I think I deserve that today.  Good night!

Breakfast. It’s what’s for Dinner!

10987625_10152570998451786_3757184602865070871_nKirby fell asleep on the short three minute ride home from daycare today.  So, Punky and I set out tonight to make BREAKFAST for dinner.   He had some great ideas and we ran with it.   Tonight’s menu:

Scrambled eggs (with mushrooms, green onions and bacon)


Roasted Rosemary Red Potatoes (like hash browns for the adults here)

Hash Brown patties (this is a staple with Punky and big breakfasts)

Homemade waffles (just a section of one or two…we’ll split them up as a treat) with Fresh Strawberries and Blackberries and whipped cream

Juice, Milk

Smells delicious!  I will be waking up Kirby shortly.

After dinner I am looking forward to some snuggle time and tickles with my boys!  :) Supposed to be REALLY cold tomorrow morning… like wind chills near -30!  Brrrrrrrr!  Even typing that makes me shiver!   Definitely a night for snuggling down under lots of blankets!

Good night!

Peace and Calm

I absolutely loved today!  I woke up pretty sore from sleeping on the living room floor, but Hubby let me crawl into our bed for an extra hour of sleep while he made breakfast and played with the boys… I have to say our mattress felt heavenly!

Keith made us breakfast and then we got ready for the day… Our adventure today was to head to the Minnesota History Center.  We became members there when Mike and Jeanne came to visit us at the end of November.  We knew we had to get back for Kirby’s nap, but we had a couple of great hours spending time with the boys.

Kirby was fun to watch and he ran from exhibit to exhibit climbing just about anything he could.  Punky walked slower taking everything in.  I snapped quite a few pics to capture some of their little personalities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After we got home, Henry had fallen alseep in the car, and then refused to nap.  That’s always fun!  ;)

I made roasted Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken tonight—courtesy of the Pioneer Woman.  It was delicious.  I even made lemon, garlic, rosemary mashed potatoes (with just a hint of lemon zest).  Kirby devoured everything!  Punky liked the chicken… but not the lemon in the potatoes.  Oh well… ya win some and ya lose some!

As I type now, the chicken bones and such are boiling away for my own chicken broth.  Smells heavenly.

Tomorrow is a staff inservice day for teachers.   I sure wish I had another day with the kids.

Good night!



A perfect day.

Today was a busy day… but a different busy. A peaceful busy. And tomorrow will be another awesome, busy, peaceful day… because there is no school and we get to be together again…all four of us.

This morning, the boys went to church. I went grocery shopping and cleaned out the fridge. :) Felt awesome. I also started lunch to surprise them when they got home… I made Cheeseburger Soup from Damn Delicious…and that’s exactly what it was! ;)

tickettorideAfter lunch, I played Mr. Potato Head with Kirby and a few rounds of balloon volleyball with Punky. WHen Kirby went down for his nap, Punky, Hubby and I played Ticket to Ride. Have you heard of this game? Santa brought it for Punky this year, and he loves it! Today was my first time playing it, and I have to agree. It was a fun little game!  I am sure my dad would also get a kick out of playing it with Punky… maybe we can bring it down to IL for spring break.  (It could be an option to play when Mom brings out the Park-N-Shop!)  ;)

After the game, I decided to put a few things on our local Garage Sale Facebook page…and wow… things sold!  One of my former students bought some kitchen canisters we were selling.  She stopped by and chatted with me for quite awhile.  It’s so nice to catch up with former students and see how they are doing now.  I am super proud of her and the woman she has become!

I made a couple of new recipes for dinner too.  I mashed the Chicken Mushroom Skillet dinner from Laughing Spatula with the Chicken Mushroom Skillet dinner from Damn Delicious… I took the best from each recipe, and wow, it was awesome.   (Punky was not a fan as he didn’t care of the dijon mustard in the sauce, but holy cow…Kirby ate it all up!  When hubby asked if he liked the chicken he nodded and added “A LOT!”  Made us all laugh.)

While grocery shopping, I decided to buy fresh veggies this week in stead of frozen veggies.  I bought Broccoli and Cauliflower.  I did make a Pioneer Woman – version of her Broccoli and Cauliflower Casserole.   I thought it was tasty!  Kirby liked the broccoli!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.23.44 PMAfter dinner and more tickles and giggles around here, Punky and I sat down to watch a version of Fresh Off The Boat.   I can’t decide how much I like this new show, but it is entertaining.  Once Hubby came down from reading bedtime stories with Kirby, we watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Punky.  It was so fun to see him get the humor in the movie.  He really enjoyed it.  We’ll finish it tomorrow.  (For all of you who are wondering if I live under a rock, the SNL special was recording tonight.  Hubby and I will watch it this week.)

Punky asked me if we could have a special sleepover in the living room tonight since we have no school tomorrow.   I obliged.  I am fairly certain my back will hate me in the morning, but how could I turn this down?  Punky is only going to want to do things with me for so long in his life….


So, here is where I will be sleeping as soon as I finish this post, finish my glass of wine, and take a few of my turns in Words with Friends, Draw Something, and Matching with Friends.  ;)  So blessed to have yet another day with my family tomorrow!

Good night!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Schad household!  The boys let me sleep in this morning.  Keith made breakfast – yummy scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns – and served it on red plates!  :-)  I love how thoughtful he is!

I took a few pictures around the house of various decorations and things the boys made this year.  Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 9.31.29 PM

Hubby and I went to see American Sniper (I had seen it before with my friend, Kristall, but I was ok seeing it again so hubby could see it!) and then had dinner at Punch Pizza in Maple Grove.

We sat in close quarters with an older couple at Punch Pizza, and they kept commenting on our conversation, so we soon learned all about them.  At first I thought it was weird, but they were really nice people.  They had 4 kids a little younger than us and had 12 grandkids (number 13 on the way!).  We chatted with them for a bit before leaving to go pick up our boys at Gary and Donna’s house!  (Thank you again for watching them!)

Keith is now upstairs reading My Side Of the Mountain to Punky.   Punky was so cute, he built a “set” of the book on our bed earlier today and was looking forward to reading tonight with Keith while sitting on our bed with his props around them.   So warms my heart.

I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!   I know I did!  :)

A “Ketchup” Post

Where has the time gone?  Nearly 6 months since I last posted…

So, in Melissa-style, we shall do a bullet point round-up to “catch you up” (ahem….ketchup) to speed on where we are these days… I am warning you….not all of this is pretty.

Somehow, my first born turned a whopping 9 years old!  Punky needs to slow down growing up!  He’s 9 going on 42!

Kirby keeps us busy as all get out!  He is just a bundle of happiness and energy that is just so refreshing these days!

Mama here has been in the dark ages… but is on her way back.  Not sure if Grandma’s death hit me so hard this holiday season or what, but that was a dark place that I wish never to return.  My birthday soon followed the holidays and since then I have been on the climb upward back to my own/old self!  I have lost nearly 12 lbs and have been slowly getting back on track.  Instead of separating myself from my family, I sit back and enjoy every. single. moment.

I was thinking the other day that Punky is over half way through his “childhood years!”  He is certainly becoming quite the thinker!  His mind goes so fast around so many topics, even his ADHD (self-diagnosed) Mama can’t keep up!  How did that happen?  Punky questions everything about the world around him….and he is such a nonfiction connoisseur that Mom and Dad have a hard time keeping up!

And Kirby is merely getting started with his vivacious, caring, happy personality that just spreads smiles to all around.  He cracks us up daily! His creativity and curiosity intrigues all of us each day as we find simple joys and laughs from looking at the world through his eyes. The love and tenderness ebtween the two boys just about kills me some days (other days, not so much!).

Things that are intriguing to me these days: clean cooking and eating (i keep trying to steer away from the preservatives, additives and what not in processed food for all of u) and essential oils. I am so intrigued by the essential oils. I am going to a class next weekend to find out more about them and how I can use them with my family and our home to be more green and earth-friendly. Chemicals and additives scare me these days… as I just watch too many people around me fighting cancer and other health issues. Between the additives, processing of foods, and the chemicals in our cleaners…. I am exploring different options right now.

I have decided to take a few Sundays off from church…not because I am questioning God, but because I am trying to find peace, balance, and happiness in myself. The past few weeks, I have spent Sunday mornings at home, with the radio turned up, the coffee brewing, and myself conquering a few tasks around the house. To tell you the truth, I am loving this time….not because I love being away from my family (which I hate) but because when they come back from church I feel like I have accomplished something and can now sit back and enjoy them… with 100% of my attention I know it’s not a permanent answer, but for right now…I find so much peace and calmness in this time. I truly find myself being a better mom and person because I feel like I can knock off some of the stuff on my to-do list without sacrificing that face to face time with my kids and my hubby. Balance…that’s what I am searching for so desperately!

That balance is what just kills me somedays. How do I give my 100% to my job, a 150% to my kids and hubby and still stay sane? Somedays. I am so jealous of the fact that my mom got to stay home with us as we were growing up…yet I so love my job and the people I work with each and every day. IT’s a constant battle I have internally every day… there is no right answer. I am trying my best at both…..but sometimes I think it’s taking years off my life!

So, tonight I sit here…decorating things for my boys to be surprised in the AM for Valentine’s Day….blogging, checking email, and facebook…. I know I struggle keeping everything together, but dear Lord, I am blessed beyond belief! Every night I come home and during dinner I just watch the kids…taking everything in…

I am off to bed. I sincerely hope to write more here than once every six months! Good grief!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Tasty Plans

10411311_10152268430726786_4452291925342614325_nYesterday afternoon I scrolled through back a few years on this blog… re-reading about things I wrote about; recipes I shared and pictures of the boys.   Time sure does fly by!  I can’t believe Punky will be NINE next month!  WHAT?!?!?!!?

Life here is hectic and crazy.  Punky is in tackle football this year and loving it!   Our kitchen is nearly done.  Our bathroom will be worked on soon; and I am already spinning my wheels a million times too fast with the start of another school year.

This week, I am going for organization and simplicity.  So, I just sat down and planned out our week’s dinners and lunches.

Here it goes:

Sunday: Hubby picked up yummy steaks at Costco yesterday so I think we’ll grill those with baked potatoes, green beans and a salad.

Monday (Punky has a game and it’s MONDAY NIGHT  FOOTBALL for DA BEARS!): Lemon Chicken, mashed potatoes, a vegetable and a salad.

Tuesday: I’m going to try the Creamy Chicken Mushroom Skillet over at Laughing Spatula.  I’ll serve it with buttered egg noodles, a veggie and yep…a salad.

Wednesday: We’ll try the Olive Garden Alfredo sauce recipe over at Damn Delicious with shrimp and fettucine.  (Have I told you how much I am loving the organic fettucine noodles at Aldi?  <3 ) We’ll have a salad and garlic bread too.

Thursday: Parmesan Chicken from over at Damn Delicious.  Looks tasty!


Friday, it’ll be perfect way to end the week at Maverick’s in Champlin with my buddies from school for “Choir Practice!”

Hopefully, having a plan will allow me to spend some time with these little boys I have that are growing up WAY too fast!

Have a wonderful week everyone!