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970465_10151582828836786_93474203_n(1)April 2011—- (UPDATE) So, I decided to use my real name on my blog.  When I began blogging, you NEVER gave away your name, so I was known in the bloggysphere as “Tendrils.”   You can read below as to why I chose that name….but from now on, pull up a chair, keep coming back to visit, and for the love of God, call me, “Melissa!”

So, why TENDRILS? My mom and dad called me Pumpkin growing up. My hubby also calls me this. However, when I made him mad once he commented that his pumpkin had lost its curly tendrils, so now when we have disagreements, I always jokingly ask him if I am still his pumpkin and whether or not I still have my long, curly, flowing tendrils… If the answer is “Yes,” (to both questions) then I know all is good in the world again!

Some details about me: This is where I work as a special education teacher. This is where I go to church. This is the town where I grew up. This is where I went to elementary school. I attended high school here. I finished my undergraduate work in 1996. I got my Masters Degree n 2002. I took classes towards my administrative licensure in 2003 and 2004. Now, I am happy being a wife to Hubby, a mom to Punky and Kirby and a teacher to many!

We had two kitties, but they now reside up in heaven.  Here’s where you can find out more about them!

Miss Charlie (July 29, 1995 – July 19, 2011)

Miss Nala Grace (March 1, 1997 – November 26, 2007)

These are a few of my favorite things…in no particular order!

Method Products

  • Window Wash
  • Sweet water Aroma Pill
  • Sweet Water foaming soap (Punky loves this!)
  • Any and all of their cleaning products!

Caribou Coffee
Pampered Chef Pizza Cutter
Photoshop Elements
emails from friends and family
Punky’s and Kirby’s smilse and giggles
Hubby’s back rubs
Swinging on the swing at my mom & dad’s house in IL
A BUSY classroom
My Honda Odyssey
My cell phone
My brand new Canon digital camera!
Flip flops
Manicures & pedicures
Cards from Gina @ a Touch of Whimsy Designs

100 Things About Me…

I have seen other people do this on their blogs, so I set out to do this as well. It was really quite easy, and I’m gearing up for another 100 soon! (In fact, on the 100th Day Of School this year, I had my students develop their own lists of 100 things about themselves.) Enjoy!

  1. I was born in Illinois.
  2. I went to a Catholic School from preschool-8th grade.
  3. I was valedictorian of my 8th grade class. (Don’t ask me what happened after that year…)
  4. I have an absolute 100% fear of spiders!
  5. My birthday is January 10
  6. I love to read…
  7. I teach reading and English to kids with learning disabilities.
  8. I am a Capricorn.
  9. I abhor “fake” people.
  10. I love to blog.
  11. I love being a mommy!
  12. I find peace in everyday moments.
  13. I love watching the little things in nature.
  14. I am like my mother.
  15. My all-time favorite movies are: Pretty Woman, Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, and Life is Beautiful.
  16. My favorite poet is Maya Angelou.
  17. I love colors!
  18. I have a wealth of knowledge about Theodor Giesel, aka Dr. Seuss.
  19. I am a Chicago Bears fan!
  20. I am a Chicago Cubs fan! (One of these years, ..”Next year…” will be THIS year!)
  21. I love baseball.
  22. I used to play volleyball.
  23. I am the oldest of 29 grandchildren.
  24. I have a tattoo.
  25. My husband makes me laugh.
  26. I love my family!
  27. I usually talk to my mom and my sister daily.
  28. I love my brother’s and dad’s sense of humor (even though they don’t like mine!)
  29. I am right-handed.
  30. I have a hard time knowing my left from right…
  31. My all time favorite comedians are Eddie Izzard and Steven Wright.
  32. I read really fast.
  33. I drive a Honda Odyssey aka “The Mom-mobile.”
  34. I absolutely love scrapbooking!
  35. I sell Creative Memories products and At Home America Products.
  36. I’ve been teaching for 18 years.
  37. I went to Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota.
  38. I graduated in 1996 —in 4 years with a double major and cum laude honors.
  39. I have a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.
  40. I got my Masters from St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN in May 2002.
  41. I’m close to having my administrative licensure, but I am not sure I still want it.
  42. I love downtown Chicago.
  43. My favorite vacation spot is LaJolla, California.
  44. My mom is the oldest of ten children!
  45. I am the oldest of two oldests.
  46. I am German, Irish, Norwegian, and a speck of Polish.
  47. I am a night owl!
  48. I love to sleep-in in the mornings!
  49. I love coffee!
  50. I love Coca-Cola Classic.
  51. I have fibromyalgia.
  52. I like to keep in touch with people.
  53. I try not to send too many forwarded emails!
  54. I have a football signed by one of the 1985 Chicago Bears!
  55. We took our wedding guests to a St. Paul Saints/Joiliet Jackhammers baseball game where we threw out the first pitch on our wedding night!
  56. I love being married to my best friend.
  57. I love Harry Potter books.
  58. I am creative.
  59. I hate numbers.
  60. I attend a Methodist Church.
  61. My students think I’m goofy…but one of their favorites.
  62. I still keep in contact with many of my elementary and junior high teachers!
  63. In fact, many of them drove from IL to MN to be at my wedding!
  64. I am scared of losing my family members.
  65. Cancer scares me.
  66. I am deathly afraid of public speaking.
  67. I always have a life saver in my pocket (any flavor!).
  68. I love Method products.
  69. I wear perfume daily…my current favorite is “Romance” by Ralph Lauren.
  70. I love DARK chocolate!
  71. I have no self-control or willpower around homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  72. I love ice cream.
  73. I love the smell of lilacs in the spring.
  74. My favorite flowers are tulips, peonies, gerbera daisies and lilies of the valley.
  75. The smell of tearoses reminds me of being in my Grandma’s kitchen when I was a kid.
  76. One of my heros in life is my maternal grandfather.
  77. I respect my grandma’s wisdom on life.
  78. I prefer to print rather than use cursive.
  79. I suck at typing!
  80. I have 2 cats.
  81. Nala is my “special cat” who cracks me up!
  82. Charlie is my oldest cat who rules the roost.
  83. I love wine…especially Merlot!
  84. I love to play Solitaire.
  85. I love board games.
  86. I love to play BOGGLE.
  87. I love Suduko.
  88. I read almost every night before bed.
  89. I hate cooked spinach.
  90. I love Chicago-Style hot dogs!
  91. Superdawg is my favorite hot dog joint in Chicago.
  92. I sometimes talk in my sleep.
  93. I love to cuddle under the comforter, but I almost always end up with my feet sticking out from the bottom!
  94. My earring holes have closed up in the past year.
  95. I love getting manicures and pedicures!
  96. I love my husband’s popcorn!
  97. I love my husband’s homemade spaghetti sauce.
  98. I like to make cards.
  99. I love raw hamburger meat! (Even though I know it’s not good for me!)
  100. I love to lie out in the sun! (Even though I know it’s not good for me!)

7 thoughts on “Melissa

  1. brenda says:

    great list. I have challenged our daughters to make a list also!

  2. Rachel Burt says:

    Love the pictures. Melissa!

  3. RC says:

    I’d like details on when and with whom #24 occurred? 😉

    Love, your tattoo friend, R

  4. mosaicspeakeasy says:

    great list – i actually did 200 a while back for my myspace, but since times change and people change, i might just start on yet another list =) i enjoy reading your blog – keep up the good work!!

  5. juiceandpickles says:

    i borrowed your idea of posting your list of likes with links. (try saying that 10 times fast…) i hope you don’t mind!!
    have a blessed day

  6. Christy says:

    Love ur blog!!! What r you using for ur blog?

  7. Melissa says:

    I’m on wordpress.com and I use a customized header and some CSS coding.

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