I am in love…

Punky has been so excited all week as I told him I got an email on Sunday night saying his Halloween costume had shipped.    Every day we turn the corner to go home after a day at daycare (and me at work), and he says, “Maybe my costume here today?”

Well, today was no different.  But there was still no package.

Not 5 minuutes after we walked in the door, the UPS truck pulled up, and Punky was elated!   He bolted for the door and asked the UPS man, “You got my costume?”

“Why, Yes, I do, ” the guy in brown answered.

An emphatic “THANK YOU!” from Punky was heard by all in the neighborhood.

We quickly tore open the package and stripped the little guy down to his diaper, and tried it on.

And I fell in love… with a gingerbread man!  🙂

Isn’t he adorable?

9 thoughts on “I am in love…

  1. why Punky you are the cutest little gingerbread man I ever did see…

    I could eat you up…gumdrop buttons and all!!!


  2. Oh, I wanna eat his cute little gumdrop buttons! 🙂 My boys are going to be Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones. LOL

  3. Wow, is it time to think about Halloween already … you are too organised!

    That really is an awesome outfit! But I would have thought Halloween was the most dangerous night to go dressed as a piece of confectionery 🙂

  4. Punky just showed all of his daycare friends his costume 🙂 they loved it!!! he was so proud to show them.

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