I went into this weekend with my heart open and ready to reflect on all that is good in life.   I did this exercise with my students last Tuesday before our Thanksgiving break.  It was so fun to just write everything that came to my mind and complete this cool web activity.  My students had fun creating theirs as well. 

I feel at great peace with where I am in my life right now.   I am so ever thankful for our new church, our new pastor, and our kids’ new faith journeys.    I am so grateful for all the time I get to spend with my entire family in Illinois.  I love watching my kids interact and learn all about my family.  I am loving this school year.  My kids are awesome, as our my families!    It’s been refreshing to have a lot of my kids for the 2nd year in a row.   I really get to know them and their families!    I love the time I get to be a mom these days.   (Correction, I will love it even more after I finish Punky and my chiro appointments from our car accident in Sept!) I love being able to make dinner, watch tv, play board games and help with homework.  None of these things relaxed me a few years ago…..I just kept feeling all of the “work” piling up.  I am so grateful to be back in the classroom and with kids and TEACHING!   It’s so refreshing and such a joy!

Our Thanksgiving break to Illinois was so good for my soul.  I feel like our world today is all “rush, rush, rush” peppered with ridiculousness from our government.  A weekend to unplug and spend time with family was so needed and so much appreciated!   It was so much fun to chat with my siblings, see my niece and nephew, play games with them, snuggle with my own kids, chat with my parents, enjoy each other all around.   It was awesome.   

Going to my aunt and uncle’s house for Thanksgiving dinner was amazing!   I sure miss my Grandma, but I absolutely love when we all get together (well, when the ones who can make it get together!  We missed some people!)  It was heartwarming to see my kids interact with my aunts and uncles as well as my cousins’ kids.   I love being part of a huge family!

And, because I was able to decorate and get ready for Christmas before we left for Thanksgiving, I feel like I am now back and ready for Christmas!   It feels so good to be ahead of the craziness!  

The highlights from my weekend include making anise cookies – my great-grandma’s Christmas cookie recipe with my mom and hubby; spending time at my sister’s for a yummy brunch before our annual tree farm trip; of course, being at the Christmas tree farm – been going there since I was a little girl; celebrating birthdays for my nephew, my brother and my sister and sitting down to my all time favorite dinner we had growing up as kids – Birds!   So delicious!   A cousin sleepover at my sister’s house led to lunch out with my hubby and mom and dad.  So thankful for my family for continuing all of these traditions each year.  And, don’t even get me started talking about my parents’ house!   That’s for another blog post!

This week will be crazy as we wind down trimester 1 and get grades done and progress reports written, it’s an amazing feel of peace I have heading into the week.  Life is good.  I am truly blessed.

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