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Ok, people who know me in real life know  that I swear.  I swear a lot.   Although I swear less than I did before I had children.  But, enough about me.   As I was cleaning this morning, I was thinking of all the things that I swear by… my tried and true things in life that make me smile.

I swear…

My stove top gets so clean by my Thieves Cleaner solution.  I can spray and wipe nearly everything away from my stove top.  In cases where I encounter stubborn splotches, I just have a bit more patience and spray on the Thieves solution, wait 5 minutes, and Voila… it’s clean.

My farmhouse sink is incredibly easy to clean.   Again, the Thieves cleaner, but then a quick sprinkle of baking soda, and few rubs, and rinse with warm water… voila… a new sink!

that dinner tastes better when presented well.   I have a bowl and serving platter obsession.  There.  I said it.  But, every night, I serve dinner on the table in my awesome bowls, on my platters, and then I sit back and look at how awesome everything looks.  🙂  I know, dishes suck, as I dirty many more things than needed, but I want my family to know they are special, and dinner was made especially for them… we celebrate family time…and go all out.  I know, I’m weird like that.

there is nothing like that sipping that cup of coffee on a weekend morning when sitting at the kitchen table with a clean slate before you… ok….I may have lied… I also have to be sipping that coffee from my Rae Dunn “Blessed” mug.  Now, that’s heavenly!

there is nothing like a surprise hug or kiss from hubby or the boys…just a little reminder that they love you.

when that tickly throat sneaks into your life…the one where you start questioning whether you are getting sick and then debating if you have time to be sick…yep, that one; there is nothing like a cup of “Thieves” tea… hot water (easily dispensed by my Keurig), a drop of Young Living Thieves oil and a drop of YL lemon oil… then sip away.  That throat will feel better soon.

that time making dinner was worth every second when you hear little moans and “yums” as they take their first bites.

Just fluffing up the pillows and straightening the afghans in the living room makes the house feel much cleaner.  Oh, living with boys…I am the only one who thinks this, but spending a few minutes at the end of the evening, refolding blankets and straightening pillows, makes a world of difference in your mood when you walk downstairs the next morning.  Am I right?

As far as that goes, staying up and putting that last load of dishes in the dishwasher also makes a huge difference in your demeanor in the morning…much less stressful walking into a kitchen with cleaned counters, table and sink.   Some days I wonder why we have to run the dishwasher so many times, but after rereading my post up there about using all of my bowls and platters, I guess I figured it out.  😉

mirrors cleaned with Method’s glass spray – the one that smells minty clean, get cleaner with no smears…and that is what makes a girl happy.

fresh cut flowers in my house make me feel happy inside and out.   This probably stems (no pun intended, of course) from growing up in my mom’s gardens, looking at my grandma and great aunt’s gardens… I love fresh flowers.  Someday, when my boys are a bit older, I can’t wait to put on a patio and surround it with lots of flowering, sweet smelling perennials…until then, I get to watch my boys and their neighborhood friends play wiffle ball, baseball, kickball, and any other tournament they dream up.  I like watching that too… but someday, I will have flowers!

…the more I sit here, the more things I swear by keep popping in my head.  I could certainly add my Instant pot and its awesomeness, but I think people may get tired hearing about that…I know my boys are tiring of it.


What do you swear by?








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