Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

** Disclaimer – I never hit post after I wrote this the other night!   I guess you’ll get to read a few different things from me tonight! **


I have this sign in my kitchen and I look at it every day….take a deep breath…. then go discover things that bring me joy and happiness.


My parents are visiting this week to see Kirby play tee-ball and of course, visit Punky!   It’s so fun to have them in town!   Today, we went swimming at the hotel they are staying at in Maple Grove.   The boys and I had a blast!  After swimming, we headed home to a yummy Greek salad and Ahi Tuna grilled lunch.   To.Die.For.

After lunch, we hit some awesome stores in Anoka – Happenstance and the Big White House.  I could seriously do damage to our checking account in minutes in either store!   Then we hit WalMart in Maple Grove… it’s a fave of my dad’s…and mom also manages to find treasures there as well!   This day, I too found some treasures we had to have……TMNT pinata and paper goods for Kirby’s 5th birthday in a few weeks… and a bathroom scale (which my mom and dad hijacked and bought me as a surprise, but more on that later!)

After WalMart, we headed home.  No one was really hungry after our yummy lunch, so Hubby and I headed up to Verizon to check out our plan and new phones as neither of ours was really holding a charge).   Mom and Dad watched the boys.    Gotta say, it took an hour and a half, but I liked being with Hubby!   🙂

When we got back, we decided to head out for dinner to save some time and energy.  It was already past 8:30 PM!

It’s so fun to catch the little things and truly take a deep breath and enjoy.   It’s something I am working on and am hoping to teach my kids this summer as well.   Moments I caught the past few days:  my dad watching Kirby and Punky play and smiling.   My mom eating up her time alone with each of my kids.  The giggles and laughs in the pool this morning.  Sitting next to hubby for over an hour tonight in the Verizon store… just being there together.  🙂

Enjoy the little things.



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