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Those people that say July 4th means the summer is half over are CRAZY!   We have LOTS of time left to spend together!  We have been busy and productive these past few weeks.  Really.  🙂

The kids playroom has been over run by “stuff” for almost a year now.  That “stuff” has been organized, gone through and cleared out.  A few trips to goodwill have occurred so far… let’s see what else happens when I invite the  boys to go through their toys to clear out stuff.   I can see our playroom floor again……but I need a few more things cleared out before I can declare it a “WIN!”   I will keep you posted!

I spent two weekends ago in Illinois giving a shower for my brother and sister-in-law to welcome the TWINS that are on their way!    Such an exciting time!   It was so nice to see the many people who came out to express their love for Mike and Jeanne.   We are also very excited for these babies!   It will be the first granddaughter for my parents and of course, we welcome boys with open arms!  This will be the 5th grandson and 1st granddaughter!  So exciting!   I can’t wait to go shopping!!!!!!   🙂

It was nice to spend time in Illinois with my parents alone.   I came down by myself as Punky had a baseball tournament those days.   It was nice to just chill and chat with them… uninterrupted!   🙂   I had so much fun just sitting and chatting on their front porch – just like I did years ago when I would come home from college.

This summer the boys and I have created Project Gratitude where each week we choose a different person or persons who we want to thank for what they  have done and continue to do in our lives.   This week’s recipient was Rev Gene and Mary Ann Rick.   The boys were super excited to write them thank you notes citing what it was they liked about them and thanking them for the important roles they’ve had in our lives.   Each week we sit down and perfect the project just a bit more.  This week’s perfection was handwritten notes (scribed for Kirby)  detailing for the recipient exactly what we were thankful for …..right outta their mouths.   The conversations we had at home were priceless as was the joy we brought to our friends as we shared our notes and fresh flowers and a balloon with them today.  We visited for a bit over 2 hours with them.  The kids had so much fun, and it was so nice to sit back and relax and just talk with them.  Our lives are way too busy these days, so this summer has been the perfect time to take a step back, relax, and just enjoy our friends.  #projectgratitude

Here’s to nearly 7 more weeks of this bliss!   I am loving this time with my boys!  We’ll keep checking in on our summertime progress!   😉







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