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What a great get-away to kick off summer!  Our only wish was that the weather would have been more summery, but hey, we’ll take time away when we can get it!

Tuesday – we arrived in Duluth and took a Vista Fleet Cruise in the harbor.   A huge red blob on the weather radar had us only staying in the harbor and not heading into Lake Superior.   The waves were fairly choppy and the weather was not the kindest for a boat ride!   We went back to the hotel and swam for awhile before eating our yummy homemade meatloaf and mashed potato dinners I packed.   After dinner, we headed out to Betty’s Pies for dessert.   That didn’t turn out very well, as Punky ended up eating way too much and puking at Betty’s Pies.   Thankfully, they were very gracious and kept thanking us for telling them about Punky’s mishap.  We headed back to Superior Shores and went to bed.

Wednesday – it was chilly!  We saw Leif Erikson Park and visited with Marlys Wolden.  We toured the William A Irvin ship and went to Grandma’s for lunch.   We  were so full from lunch we barely needed dinner.  The tour was fascinating.  The boys loved it.   I ended up bailing half way through due to the heights we climbed on the ship.  I was ok with that!   I did take the complete tour when we were on our honeymoon in 2003.   🙂   I was braver then, i guess.   We hit a few shops in Canal Park then headed back to the pool and our hotel.

Thursday – We hit Gooseberry Falls and had so much fun hiking around the area.   The boys just ate it all up!  Henry loves to throw rocks into waters so he was in heaven!  Punky and Keith took a small excursion over to see the falls up close while Mommy and Kirby just chilled on some big rocks!  It was all so beautiful!   We hit Two Harbors to recreate a photo I had taken in 2008 with Punky with Kirby.  We then headed back to the Twin Cities for baseball and tee-ball practices!

What a quick yet oh-so-fun get-away!   LOts of memories were built!


Such a fun trip!   Glad we have turned this into an annual trip with the boys.  ❤ ❤

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