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It has been quite awhile since I have blogged, and I need to change that.   Blogging is where I find my peace… my inner reflections…and me.

I will not take loads of time here catching you up on our doings… that’s what Facebook is for, right?  And God knows, I never update Facebook!   😉

This weekend brings Spring Break 2017 to a close.   I can’t quite put my finger on my thoughts about that.  I seem to be an emotional mess right now underneath the Mom duties.

I took the boys down to Illinois to visit with my family.  My brain would not shut off…neither would my heart.

When I go home, it’s like I expect everything to be how I left it back in 1992 when I moved away for college… and it’s not.  I always see my parents as in their 40s… because I feel so young still.  But, they are not.  Hell, I am 43, so that wouldn’t make sense mathematically… but sometimes your brain doesn’t follow logic.

Things I really noticed when I was home…

I love watching my kids with my parents.

I love watching my kids period.   In a perfect world, I would stay home and be a mom.

All of our lives are so busy now.

I miss chatting with my sister as frequently as we used to chat…

I miss all the times I sat and chatted with my Dad as he grilled our dinner to perfection.

My brother makes me laugh incredibly hard.

I am head over heels ecstatic for my brother and my sister-in-law as they await the births of their TWINS!   🙂

I miss chatting with my mom as often as we used to chat…every morning on my way to work.

I miss my grandma.  She’s been gone for almost 3 years now.

Crazy how much life changes in three years.

Going to 5:00 Mass with my parents was eye opening…..so many people from my childhood and yet so many new faces.  So fun to see the people I remembered, but then again, realizing how time sure does fly by…

I think the best time I had with my parents was when we went out for pizza… just me and the boys and them… I just felt such a serenity and peace – happiness.  I wish I could have bottled it.

Just watching the pure love my kids have for their grandparents… it’s almost magical as their love is so pure and awe-inspiring.   They talk about them all of the time up here, but when they are with them, magic happens.

The car ride I had with my boys – to and from Chicago.  Such fun singing, listening to podcasts, talking and laughing!   It was fun to answer all the questions about when I met Daddy and all about our wedding.

My nephews! I love them so!   I love the time I get to spend with them each over the summer!   They are such cool kids and my kids adore them!  🙂   Can’t wait to add to the cousin pool with my brother’s and his wife’s TWINS!

Sitting and paging through my childhood photo albums Mom made for me.   Wow.   I am so incredibly lucky to have so much of my childhood documented.  As I paged through the pics and quickly scanned some photos for myself, I kept think of how the pics looked so much like “This is Us”… and that made me sad and happy….and teary.

Watched the season finale to “This is Us” with my mom and dad.  Life is way too short.  I keep thinking of William and his advice to Randall before he passed away…“Roll all your windows down, Randall. Crank up the music, grow out that fro, let someone else make your bed.”  Perfect advice.

I love my hubby.  In the time I was away, we never spoke on the phone as when the days were winding down, I was chasing a certain kid and making him get to sleep.  When I would lie down and go to bed, I would think about all we’ve been through and where we are going and my heart smiled proudly.  I have a good guy, and I love him completely.   I’m sure he enjoyed his days of peace and quiet while we were gone, but it is so nice to be back in our “normal” and our “crazy.”  (And it is CRAZY!)

In my head I always strive for enjoying the little things in life.  The moments that make me heart sing, my eyes smile, and my inner-self beam… they sure do happen often. More often than I used to notice.

But, as spring break comes to a close, I need to remember that those moments only get realized when I take care of myself and de-stress the craziness around me…and THAT is what I will take away from this fantastic spring break.

Life is short.  “Roll all your windows down.  Crank up the music, grow out that fro, let someone else make your bed.”

Thank you to my wonderfully awesome family who once again opened their arms for us for the  5 days we were home!  Can’t wait to see you in 22 sleeps for my Dad’s 70th Birthday Celebration Weekend!

Love you guys!










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