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wow.  Tomorrow kicks off my 21st year teaching.  How time flies. (Don’t remind me that my 1st class of second graders are all now getting married and having kids!)

tomorrow kicks off a new adventure.  Back to the classroom after 6 years being in the lead role for our department.  I’ll be teaching three Alt Skills classes and an Alt ELA (Reading/ENglish block class).   I AM PUMPED!

I don’t even remember the last time I had a Labor Day weekend like this one.  Relaxed. Calm. Refreshed. Ready to go!

Tomorrow Punky will venture on to fifth grade.  Can’t believe he’ll be at my school next year!   Kirby will still be at Kristall’s for daycare.   She does such a fantastic job with the kids, and this will be the year where Punky will be a “big kid” and hopefully step into a new role helping his friends.   We decided in the last week to hold off on preschool with him.  I have no academic concerns, but I just can’t fathom him turning 18 then a week later leaving for college.  I also don’t want him to be the “young kid” when he’s in middle school or high school, as those kids tend to stand out.  So, next year he will do preschool, and then the following year, he will start kindergarten.  This way he’ll be about teh same age as Punky was when Punky started.   No reason to rush a childhood in today’s society!

So, tomorrow I embark on a new adventure.  One I have great passion for and great ideas.   I step foot into my classroom…and hopefully make real connections with kids and help them to be better people.

IMG_8907 IMG_8905 IMG_8903 IMG_8904 IMG_8902

I have recycled worksheet after worksheet.  I threw out busy work sheets on building character.   You don’t learn about character by doing work sheets.  you DO.   We are going to do projects – hands-on experiences – activities – secret missions – and SHOW people our new skills.   It’s all about learning how to enjoy life, relax, and love the little things.  This is an exciting year, and I am ready for it!


One thought on “Another first day awaiting…

  1. hollymurawski says:

    Awesome … So glad you are back doing what you love !! Sent from my iPhone


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