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Wow!   Summer is half over!!!!   We have been very busy and enjoying every single minute of it!


We took out own little family vacation in Duluth.   Monday – Thursday of pure together time.   It was so nice.   Everything was beautiful, and I loved reconnecting with my boys after the crazy school year ended.   We had a lot of fun, and hope to return again soon!

Punky finished up his baseball season.  He will now be on the all-star team.   He has decided to hang up his football gear and play fall Baseball this year.   He will also play basketball again this winter.

My mom and dad came to visit us for 6 days!  We had lots of fun.  We took a boat ride on the St. Croix River.   We spent sometime in Stillwater, too.   We spent time at the Coon Rapids Dam.   We hit the cute stores in Anoka.  We had insanely planned on driving up to Itasca State Park to see the beginning of the Mississippi River, but that didn’t work in to our plans.   Maybe another time!  Mom and I took a Salad in a Jar class at the Thomas Reese Oil Company.  It was awesome!   I will be back there soon!

After mom and dad left, I knew I’d get sick as the stress of the end of the school year and then my trip to Duluth and their visit.  The second my body had time to relax—-a double ear infection and sinus infection.  Awesome.   😦


I spent the fist few days of this month on the couch…popping my antibiotics and watching as many Orange is the New Black episodes as I could stay awake for.

July 7 – 14th we spent in Orlando Florida with my entire family – Mom, Dad, my sister, her husband, their 2 boys, my brother, his wife, and then our clan.   IT. WAS. HOT!  Heat index predictions each day were 105- 109 degrees.   You would just walk out of the hotel at 9 AM and start dripping sweat.   It was insanely hot.  Despite the heat, we managed to hit all 4 Disney Theme Parks as well as a day at the Kennedy Space Station.  We even got to relax at the awesome pool and hotel we were at… if only for a few hours.  It was busy, but the kids had a blast!

After we flew back home on Thursday, I booked a flight to Chicago to attend the wake and funeral of my best friend’s dad.  It was so nice to reconnect with her and her family.  I try to see her as often as I can when we are “home” together.  My parents and her mom still live 3 houses apart.  She’s quite an amazing person, as I’m sure you know, I’ve blogged about her before!   🙂  Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, here and here!

This weekend kicks off a week here with my nephew.   He likes to come up and spend some time with his cousins…and we love when he is here!


I am so looking forward to the the rest of our summer.  We have some plans, but lots of relaxing, hanging out, and getting things ready for my classroom!   (How exciting is that!?!?   So excited to be headed back this fall!  It’s been 6 years since I was in the classroom!)

I’ll be back soon… I promise!  😉


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