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My Grandma was one hell of a lady.  She was a pillar of strength.  She was a warrior.  She had an unwavering faith.  She was wise.  She was prayerful.  She was a fighter.  She was stubborn.  She was beautiful.  She was strong.  She was one of my heroes.

Remember this post  I wrote during her last few days on this earth?

So, who do I turn to for help lately?   My grandma.  (Besides all of my earthly friends and family)

Grandma’s favorite color was bright green.   So, as I sat at the nail salon trying to choose a color for my nails, I decided to channel my grandma’s strength!  I chose GREEN!  So, when I need a little extra something, I just glance down at my hands, remember Grandma, and keep on keeping on.


I miss you Grams, but I know you are with me every step of the way lately!  I love you!



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One thought on “Finding a little EXTRA strength these days…

  1. Kathy Catino says:

    Your gramma was my moms dear friend. I remember her well. Our families got together frequently. Your gramma was kind. She always took time for the kids even those of us not in her own brood. She was always smiling or laughing. She was resourceful. She had a huge array of revipies that could be made for pennies. She was one of the bravest women I have ever known…as The adult me now knows all of. The many challenges, troubles and griefs that she faced. She was a warm and wonderful person who graced those around her and this world.

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