Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

The highlights of my day today…

6:45 AM.  Kirby wants me to draw his family on the bathroom mirror.  (Note to readers, I love Expo markers in the bathroom!  Every night when I am brushing my teeth and 5,000 thoughts are running through my mind, I grab a marker and write what I need to remember for tomorrow right on the bathroom mirror. So, he learned this from me. True confession.)

I draw his family on the mirror.   I label the figures as Mommy and Daddy.   Kirby is upset because Daddy’s name not start with a “D” it’s a “K!”  Smart kid.  So, I  label his family.   Then I drew a great big heart around it and asked him what that meant.  He nailed it in all of his 3.5 years.  “That’s ‘cuz we love each ot’er and we are a family.”  Made. My. Day.


Fast forward to tonight.  I was planning on making tacos, but then our awesome Schwan’s man came and I couldn’t fit all of teh food in my freezer.  So, we changed plans and had the really yummy Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod Filets.  To. Die. For!  Seriously, if you have yourself a Schwan’s man (or woman) order these!   Click here!

After our scrumptious dinner, the boys started watching the “funny video show” (AKA America’s Funniest Videos).  Keith and I stopped doing dishes and piled on the couch…soon the boys were all sitting on us, around us, etc.  The whole family…on the couch…laughing so hard at the “funny video show!”   Totally melted me heart.

Best day ever…in a long time!

So, as Keith reads to Punky, here I sit at the computer.  After Punky goes to bed, Keith and I will finish the dishes.   So. Worth. It.

Good night!




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