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celebrating life one moment at a time

so today was a tough day…not sure why.  probably the stress of this crap, added to the miscarriage anniversary, added to the upcoming anniversaries, added to life, added to my thoughts, anyway, it all added up to me just being super chill today, and that was okay.

this weekend was filled with such highs… such awesome time spent one on one with each of my kids… but unfortunately no quiet time with Hubby.  we played musical beds a few times this weekend.  you know the drill….one gets up ’cause he can’t sleep; one gets up  ’cause there are shadows on the wall; etc.   i ended up on the couch… but my super nice hubby let me then sleep in both days once everyone was up, i crawled back into our bed and slept….hard!  (Thanks again, hubby!)

on saturday, hubby brought punky to see Star Wars again.  kirby and i hit up “‘Donald’s,” his favorite place.  we also had lots of silly play and conversations.  it was so sweet to spend time with him alone.   he certainly has a lot to say and lots of cool thoughts going on in that head of his.  my favorites from that day was his bath time; his falling asleep clutching his bunny rabbit after our “date,”

on sunday, i had the privilege of hearing one of our former pastor’s preach, and it was awesome.  it’s like she wrote the sermon just for me.  after church, punky and i were able to spend some time together seeing God’s Not Dead 2… i did blog about that and his amazing interest and questions in faith.  he amazes me everyday…just when i think i have him figured out, he asks another random question out of nowhere.  “mom, what’s your favorite bible verse?”  “mom, what do you think God meant by…” he’s such a thinker…


while punky and i were at the movie, hubby and kirby decided to try flying a kite.  hubby took this cute little video of him trying to fly the kite he got in his easter basket. so sweet.

i’m telling you…these boys are my truly blessings.  they teach me more and more about life than the adults i am around.

love you guys!






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