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celebrating life one moment at a time

Wow…how time flies.  (I know, I always say that!) the past couple of months have been very dear to me.  I think Shrek was on to something when he explained to Donkey that ogres are like onions.  (Love that scene!)  People have lots and lots of layers to them.  Sometimes walls are built around those layers as a defense to the crap that goes on in our every day lives.   The things we see.  The things we experiences.  The  things that happen to us, around us, etc.  It can happen.

What fixes us is the transformational  part.  How we pick ourselves up, talk with ourselves, and move forward.  It is tremendously hard.  But man, when you are in the process and coming over the hill, it can be amazing.

The sights you see now.  The things you notice.  The uplifted mood.  The feelings you have.  The hugs from your family.  The fact that you feel again.  THAT is amazing.  And when someone works hard to overcome where they have been… that my friend, is me these days!  Super proud, still-working-on-it, little-old, ME!

I am alive.   I am amazing.   I have worked hard.  I have more to do, but wow, what a trip!  I promise to be back here more often (I know….you’ve heard that before… but this time, I am ALIVE!)

Talk to you soon!



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One thought on “Alive

  1. Maria Miller says:

    So I discovered this wonderful blog you have and have spent a good portion of my evening reading your many thoughts. My life is changing so quickly right now. So this particular blog post spoke volumes to me…. so much so I cried. I needed to read this and I wanted you to know that it truly touched me and brought me comfort in a time when I need it so badly. Thank you!

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