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celebrating life one moment at a time

I have run into work a few days in June to move my office and then in July and early August to do interviews.  Today was the first day I could sit back and just work… slowly chipping away at all that needs to get done in the next 3 weeks.  It felt so good.

This school year is going to be  much different than those in the past, but I think I am getting emotionally ready for it.   I have so many ideas I want to implement and get started… now I just need to roll them out.

I spent about an hour tonight prepping food for a Wildtree workshop tomorrow night.  After the party, I will have 10 freezer meals…they all sound so tasty!  Then in preparation for all these things that will need to be frozen tomorrow night, we “defrosted” our chest freezer downstairs.   We ended up throwing away about 3 bags of food…. the longest date from the bottom of the freezer was 2008.  Yikes.   Felt good to get that done!  My freezer is READY!

Punky’s football season has started.   Practices 4 times a week for 2 hours.   It’s a huge time commitment, but this kid LOVES it!   He is so cute studying his “top secret” playbook he got form his coach last night.  Makes me smile.  I hope he has a great season!

It felt really good to come home tonight and spend some time with Kirby.  His giggles, antics, and smles just melt my heart.   He told me tonight, “I can’t like your necklace.  Punky and Daddy can’t like it either!”  When I replied, “WHAT?!??!”  He promptly said “Just teasing!”  LOL!

It just feels so good to be getting back into a routine.  Granted, right now, the routine is a bit “roughed in” but we’re getting there.  I so loved my time with my boys this summer!  They just keep me grounded in what’s really important in life.  The little things we all do together as a family.  I look forward to a few more days that I will have with them over the next 2 weeks.

Tonight, I sign off with a happy heart and my brain swirling a million different ideas!   Good night!

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