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Where does the time go??

Sometimes I think I should give up this blog, but then other times I think about how cool this is for my kids when they get older.  With Facebook and Twitter, I definitely post lots of things, but I guess I never really get to really delve into any one post very deeply…so then here I am back at the blog!   😉

Kirby turned THREE last week!   I can’t even believe how fast time is flying!  He is such a spark of happiness and joy around our family!   His little personality shines through with every sentence he speaks and every action he does!  He is different from his brother, Punky, but yet at times, it seems as though they are similar.  I love watching them interact.

Here are a few photos from his birthday party in illinois.   Tomorrow, we’ll catch up with his Minnesota family!

IMG_0222 IMG_0229 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0313 IMG_0236 IMG_0312 IMG_0311 IMG_0275

Somehow, summer is running away from me.  I have so enjoyed my time with my boys and I thank God every day for having a job that I can spend so much time with them in the summers!

The next few weeks will bring us plenty of more football practices and soon games, workshops, planning and organizing….Summer is ending!   😦   I can’t believe Kirby is now THREE and Punky will be in 4TH GRADE!!!!!  What?!?!?!?!?

The things I have most appreciated this summer is the time.  Time to snuggle.  Time to sit and tickle Kirby.  Time to listen to Punky’s baseball and football facts.  Time to build train tracks and towns.   Time to build castles and race cars.  Time to play catch in the backyard.  Time to make breakfasts and lunches.   Time to just talk with my kids.  One on one and two on one.   These boys are amazing and they continue to WOW me every day.

My goal this year is to cherish more of this time during crazy evenings after work and weekends!  They are growing up too damn fast!   😦  Makes me sad!  Sometimes I wish I could stop time and just listen to the giggles and the conversations that go on around here every single day.

I love being a mama to these boys!

IMG_9975 IMG_0087

I’m out!   Talk again soon!


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