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11701092_10206995474588751_285731469564508892_nI attended an awesome conference last week.  One of the quotes that stuck with me was “If you’re too busy to reflect, you are too busy to learn.”  I could go so many directions with this blog post, but I am going to move forward.  I lost one of my friends to suicide in April.  Another coworker died in June.   This spring has been hard.  WHo am I kidding, the past year has been hard!   Starting with my Grandma’s death in June.  We lost 7 people this year…

But, as I sit and reflect on all that has happened, and reflected on all the good things in my life,  I have started to pull myself from the deep dark place I was in this spring.

Surrounding myself with my family has been key.  Watching Kirby laugh as he runs away and hides from you is priceless.   Watching Punky pour his heart and soul into baseball is priceless.  Watching Hubby play with the boys out in the backyard and hearing the giggles through the screened window is priceless.  Right now, right here, life is priceless.

So, from here on out, I am moving forward…moving up… I can do this!   This week, I started back at the gym.  Punky has joined me.  He keeps me focused and on track.  He definitely pushes me out the door each day to go!

I have lost control of my house.  I am slowly getting things posted to our  local suburb’s garage sale site on facebook.   The thought of having a huge garage sale is overwhelming to me right now, so I am selling things through this facebook site, and then I will also be donating a lot to goodwill.  Just “cleaning” up my life is the most important thing right now.

As far as “cleaning” up goes, I am also on an organization journey.   I have my new Erin Condren planner, my markers, my washi tape, and my information, so I just keep planning away!   Loving the fact that this seems to be working for me right now.   🙂

Wanna peek into my colorful planning world?

IMG_9055 IMG_9052

Pretty cool, right?


Anyway, all these little “tricks” are helping me move forward… I have lots of ideas and lots of things I want to get done both this summer and in the fall as we head back to school.

Amidst all this change, I hope to be updating on here more often as well!  🙂   Goodnight!   So happy to be “back!”


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