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I am loving my essential oils!  If you follow me on Facebook, or heck, if you see me in real life, you know that I am LOVING my new essential oils!  I got the starter kit from Young Living…and I haven’t looked back!

My favorites of course are lavender, stress away, peppermint, thieves, purification and lemon… but I’m sure the others will also fall into my favorite category as I continue to explore them daily.


There they are…all eleven of them!  I have a few more ordered…and they are on their way!  I’ll post about those beauties when I get them!

Anyway, there are a few things I have made for our home as well as using them topically.  Just a few examples of what I’ve done.


are made into these…


There is an air freshener (Distilled water and Purification)

Sleep Spray for the boys’ room (Distilled water and Lavender)

Thieves Cleaner (Distilled Water and Thieves)  Another one I have has thieves, water and purification in it,

Cooling Spray for my sweaty boys when they get hot running around the house or outside. (Distilled water and Peppermint).

I use the Stress Away every day multiple times at school…..it makes me feel like I’ve just spent an hour at a spa!

I use Lemon every day in my water bottle (Has to be a glass bottle so the oil doesn’t eat through the plastic!).  I have also used Peppermint in water and also in my coffee for a refreshing pick me up in the morning!  I even tried Stress Away in my water…it was tasty.

I have diffused many different combinations in our house.  The boys love it.  (I can’t always read Hubby).  Thieves and Purification at least once a day.  Today I did peppermint and Purification for a refreshing, clean scent.  Punky loves lavender at night.  I diffuse it as well as spray his sleepy Spray in their room.  I also use one drop of Lavender to rub on his pillowcase at night.  He loves the smell.  It relaxes him and he goes to sleep quickly.

His favorite bedtime concoction is his new Bedtime Balm.


I whipped up coconut oil is my KitchenAid mixer until fluffy.  Then I added 5-6 drops of lavender oil and whipped it again until very fluffy.  I store it in one of my new pretty glass bowls.  We use it every night on the bottoms of the boys’ feet!  I tried it a few times, and I sleep like a rock those nights.  I will have to start wearing socks to bed and do this nightly as the boys do.

To say I am loving  my oils is an understatement.  Yesterday I had a headache and used peppermint and Panaway on the back of my neck and my temples.  It was gone within minutes.  I can’t wait to keep exploring the power in these little bottles.


I’ll keep you posted on my journey!


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