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I know it was a short work week as we had Monday off; Tuesday was staff development day; Wednesday was a school day; Todays I ran 15 transition meetings for incoming 6th grade students and their parents; and Tomorrow is FRIDAY – Thank the Good Lord!

I started at 7:30 this morning and had a new set of parents and their student every 30 minutes.  I finished at 4:00 PM. Exhausted.  It’s one of my favorite parts of my job… easing parent’s minds about transitioning in to a big ol’ scary middle school… and I do mean big!  We’ll be nearly 2,000 next year for grades 6,7, and 8.  It’s really nice to spend so much time with each family.  I describe our school in general terms (map, schedule, planner, etc) then go into important dates from now until school starting (september 8th), and then hit what sixth grade at our school looks like (classes, interventions, etc) before launching into how we will meet their needs and how we will deliver special education services for their student.   That’s why it’s my favorite part of my job… I get to brag and teach families what a great school we have all while easing their minds, making connections, and educating them about middle school.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I really can’t wait for the weekend!  My sister-in-law is visiting us, so we’ll get together with her and my hubby’s brother and his wife.  I get to go to a class on essential oils on Saturday morning, too!  And of course, Sunday is OSCAR DAY!  🙂  We make apps and ballots and watch the whole ceremony.  Fun times!

Time to watch me some Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder… and have a glass of wine.  I think I deserve that today.  Good night!

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