Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

10987625_10152570998451786_3757184602865070871_nKirby fell asleep on the short three minute ride home from daycare today.  So, Punky and I set out tonight to make BREAKFAST for dinner.   He had some great ideas and we ran with it.   Tonight’s menu:

Scrambled eggs (with mushrooms, green onions and bacon)


Roasted Rosemary Red Potatoes (like hash browns for the adults here)

Hash Brown patties (this is a staple with Punky and big breakfasts)

Homemade waffles (just a section of one or two…we’ll split them up as a treat) with Fresh Strawberries and Blackberries and whipped cream

Juice, Milk

Smells delicious!  I will be waking up Kirby shortly.

After dinner I am looking forward to some snuggle time and tickles with my boys!  🙂 Supposed to be REALLY cold tomorrow morning… like wind chills near -30!  Brrrrrrrr!  Even typing that makes me shiver!   Definitely a night for snuggling down under lots of blankets!

Good night!

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