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Today was a busy day… but a different busy. A peaceful busy. And tomorrow will be another awesome, busy, peaceful day… because there is no school and we get to be together again…all four of us.

This morning, the boys went to church. I went grocery shopping and cleaned out the fridge. 🙂 Felt awesome. I also started lunch to surprise them when they got home… I made Cheeseburger Soup from Damn Delicious…and that’s exactly what it was! 😉

tickettorideAfter lunch, I played Mr. Potato Head with Kirby and a few rounds of balloon volleyball with Punky. WHen Kirby went down for his nap, Punky, Hubby and I played Ticket to Ride. Have you heard of this game? Santa brought it for Punky this year, and he loves it! Today was my first time playing it, and I have to agree. It was a fun little game!  I am sure my dad would also get a kick out of playing it with Punky… maybe we can bring it down to IL for spring break.  (It could be an option to play when Mom brings out the Park-N-Shop!)  😉

After the game, I decided to put a few things on our local Garage Sale Facebook page…and wow… things sold!  One of my former students bought some kitchen canisters we were selling.  She stopped by and chatted with me for quite awhile.  It’s so nice to catch up with former students and see how they are doing now.  I am super proud of her and the woman she has become!

I made a couple of new recipes for dinner too.  I mashed the Chicken Mushroom Skillet dinner from Laughing Spatula with the Chicken Mushroom Skillet dinner from Damn Delicious… I took the best from each recipe, and wow, it was awesome.   (Punky was not a fan as he didn’t care of the dijon mustard in the sauce, but holy cow…Kirby ate it all up!  When hubby asked if he liked the chicken he nodded and added “A LOT!”  Made us all laugh.)

While grocery shopping, I decided to buy fresh veggies this week in stead of frozen veggies.  I bought Broccoli and Cauliflower.  I did make a Pioneer Woman – version of her Broccoli and Cauliflower Casserole.   I thought it was tasty!  Kirby liked the broccoli!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.23.44 PMAfter dinner and more tickles and giggles around here, Punky and I sat down to watch a version of Fresh Off The Boat.   I can’t decide how much I like this new show, but it is entertaining.  Once Hubby came down from reading bedtime stories with Kirby, we watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Punky.  It was so fun to see him get the humor in the movie.  He really enjoyed it.  We’ll finish it tomorrow.  (For all of you who are wondering if I live under a rock, the SNL special was recording tonight.  Hubby and I will watch it this week.)

Punky asked me if we could have a special sleepover in the living room tonight since we have no school tomorrow.   I obliged.  I am fairly certain my back will hate me in the morning, but how could I turn this down?  Punky is only going to want to do things with me for so long in his life….


So, here is where I will be sleeping as soon as I finish this post, finish my glass of wine, and take a few of my turns in Words with Friends, Draw Something, and Matching with Friends.  😉  So blessed to have yet another day with my family tomorrow!

Good night!

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One thought on “A perfect day.

  1. I Am A Duncan says:

    I love Ticket to Ride. There’s a beautiful 10th Anniversary version of this game but its quite expensive and its for collectors.

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