Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Where has the time gone?  Nearly 6 months since I last posted…

So, in Melissa-style, we shall do a bullet point round-up to “catch you up” (ahem….ketchup) to speed on where we are these days… I am warning you….not all of this is pretty.

Somehow, my first born turned a whopping 9 years old!  Punky needs to slow down growing up!  He’s 9 going on 42!

Kirby keeps us busy as all get out!  He is just a bundle of happiness and energy that is just so refreshing these days!

Mama here has been in the dark ages… but is on her way back.  Not sure if Grandma’s death hit me so hard this holiday season or what, but that was a dark place that I wish never to return.  My birthday soon followed the holidays and since then I have been on the climb upward back to my own/old self!  I have lost nearly 12 lbs and have been slowly getting back on track.  Instead of separating myself from my family, I sit back and enjoy every. single. moment.

I was thinking the other day that Punky is over half way through his “childhood years!”  He is certainly becoming quite the thinker!  His mind goes so fast around so many topics, even his ADHD (self-diagnosed) Mama can’t keep up!  How did that happen?  Punky questions everything about the world around him….and he is such a nonfiction connoisseur that Mom and Dad have a hard time keeping up!

And Kirby is merely getting started with his vivacious, caring, happy personality that just spreads smiles to all around.  He cracks us up daily! His creativity and curiosity intrigues all of us each day as we find simple joys and laughs from looking at the world through his eyes. The love and tenderness ebtween the two boys just about kills me some days (other days, not so much!).

Things that are intriguing to me these days: clean cooking and eating (i keep trying to steer away from the preservatives, additives and what not in processed food for all of u) and essential oils. I am so intrigued by the essential oils. I am going to a class next weekend to find out more about them and how I can use them with my family and our home to be more green and earth-friendly. Chemicals and additives scare me these days… as I just watch too many people around me fighting cancer and other health issues. Between the additives, processing of foods, and the chemicals in our cleaners…. I am exploring different options right now.

I have decided to take a few Sundays off from church…not because I am questioning God, but because I am trying to find peace, balance, and happiness in myself. The past few weeks, I have spent Sunday mornings at home, with the radio turned up, the coffee brewing, and myself conquering a few tasks around the house. To tell you the truth, I am loving this time….not because I love being away from my family (which I hate) but because when they come back from church I feel like I have accomplished something and can now sit back and enjoy them… with 100% of my attention I know it’s not a permanent answer, but for right now…I find so much peace and calmness in this time. I truly find myself being a better mom and person because I feel like I can knock off some of the stuff on my to-do list without sacrificing that face to face time with my kids and my hubby. Balance…that’s what I am searching for so desperately!

That balance is what just kills me somedays. How do I give my 100% to my job, a 150% to my kids and hubby and still stay sane? Somedays. I am so jealous of the fact that my mom got to stay home with us as we were growing up…yet I so love my job and the people I work with each and every day. IT’s a constant battle I have internally every day… there is no right answer. I am trying my best at both…..but sometimes I think it’s taking years off my life!

So, tonight I sit here…decorating things for my boys to be surprised in the AM for Valentine’s Day….blogging, checking email, and facebook…. I know I struggle keeping everything together, but dear Lord, I am blessed beyond belief! Every night I come home and during dinner I just watch the kids…taking everything in…

I am off to bed. I sincerely hope to write more here than once every six months! Good grief!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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