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I have put off writing this post for as long as possible. It makes me sad. That huge lump in my throat will not go away.  So, here I sit to tell a story. A beautiful story about a wonderful woman.  My Grandma.

Ever since I was little, I have been enthralled with my Grandma’s hands.  They always seemed so warm and incredibly soft.  I loved when she would scratch my back at night (I slept over there when my parents were at the hospital when my brother was born).  She would make me a snack after I walked to her house on Tuesday afternoons after school when my mom was on her weekly bowling league.  Her hands always busy…

As I got a bit older I would watch her hands on our special car rides.  She would pick me up when her odometer was going to change to a big number.  We would honk, sing, and celebrate as the numbers changed on her dashboard.  I would watch her hands on the wheel as she drove me around.

I watched her hands as she would open gifts.  We always teased her as she always took her time opening gifts, savoring every unwrapping step – one flap, then another, then another, etc until the box was unwrapped.   She endured countless badgering on those late Christmas Eve nights when it was her turn to open.  Her hands simply and gracefully open her packages.

As I got even older, I would watch her hands whenever I visited.  I loved when she took my hands in hers.  Always comforting. Always strong.  Always there.

As my grandma transitions into her next chapter of her life, I am left with the warm memories of those beautiful hands.

The hands that helped me as I was growing up.   The hands that hugged me on my wedding day.  The hands that held each one of my kids.  The hands that will soon remain still.


I love you Grandma!  We were so blessed to have you in our lives for so long.  I love the fact that Punky has had you in his life as well.   Little Kirby will have to rely on our beautiful memories, and we will certainly share them with him.  I have so many more memories and stories to share, but all I can think of tonight, are her hands. (pictured above with Kirby’s hand last summer)

I pray that you will soon be at peace and be with Grandpa, Uncle Timmy, Uncle Matt and all of your siblings and your parents.  I envision you entering Heaven with the same smile that is on little Kirby’s face here…and God is reaching out his hands to welcome you…  as you were here with Kirby.  I  love you so very much.




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5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Hands

  1. samanthab67 says:

    This is a beautiful post and well-written. I really love the deep emotion that you captured here–it’s so easy to relate to. Great post and I wish the best for your family! ❤

  2. Kim Conaway Velazquez says:

    This is so beautiful and written with so much love. You are truly blessed to have had her in your life for so long. And there is something so true about our grandmothers hands – truly special! Your family is in my prayers!

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