Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Yes!!!  We are above zero degrees tomorrow and the wind chills will all be gone.  🙂   YAY!!!!!   So excited to get back into a routine.  It was nice to have a few days off, but I need my routine back.

The past two days, Kirby has just been taking off with his “talking.”  He just babbles with an occasional “Ball” thrown in there.  But, it’s so stinking cute.  He just keeps talking like you should know what he is saying.   He spent a few minutes the last few days “talking” on the phone to my mom, my sister, and Hubby.


Tomorrow, I will miss my boys as I head back to work… The giggles, laughter, banter, and screeches are priceless.




Things I will miss come tomorrow morning…
Everyone sleeping til 8(Sorry, hubby)
Yoga pants
Comfy sweatshirts
Good Morning America
Kelly and Michael
Snuggly little boys
Multiple coffees from my Keurig
Giggles from my boys…all day long.
Nap time
Leisurely cooking dinner
Eating lunch with my boys

Have a great night!

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