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celebrating life one moment at a time

I am way far behind in blogging.  Here are a few snippets  from our lives the past few weeks.

School closed Monday, January 6th and Tuesday, January 7th, due to the extreme cold here in Minnesota. Monday’s closure was actually from the Governor, closing all K-12 buildings.  Tuesday’s closure was our school district being smart and looking out for the safety of students and staff.  It was COLD!

I turned FORTY on January 10th.  Still can’t believe it, but I have accepted it, I guess.  My awesome friends and colleagues threw me a surprise party at a local bar/restaurant.  They then surprised me with FORTY bottles of wine!  Still in awe of that.


My husband surprised me with a sitter, dinner out at CRAVE in Minneapolis, and then 2 tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld when he was in Minneapolis last week.  Jerry was HILARIOUS!  He just stood up there for over an hour talking about things that happen every day.   Hubby and I laughed a lot!

My friends at work also surprised me with a very decorated office, LOTS of giftcards and gifts, and just a fun day all around!

My family had celebrated with me last month when I was home in Illinois!   I got way too generous of gifts from my parents, my siblings, and my grandma.  But I  love them all!  🙂

Kirby decided once again that January isn’t quite January unless he has major medical bills.  All kidding aside, our little guy certainly scared us this month!  On Sunday, January 19th, we took him into Urgent care as he was wheezing and laboring in his breathing.  The clinic had concerns about him as well, but said that we needed to take him to an emergency room at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.  The problem with that is that the hospital is easily 25-30 minutes away.  The clinic called for an ambulance.  Kirby couldn’t keep his oxygen levels high enough to make that drive without the tank of oxygen.   I was strapped to a stretcher then Kirby was strapped to me, and away we went in the ambulance.

In the emergency room after x-rays were taken, doctors confirmed that he had pneumonia in his lower  left lung.  More tests, blood draws, and IVs were done and oxygen was still being delivered to our little boy.

Kirby spent 3 days in the hospital.  Here are some photos from his stay.  You can certainly tell from the pictures how miserable he was and what a long way he came in those 3 days!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are so very blessed and very grateful he is getting better each day!

This Polar Vortex has given us FIVE  PAJAMA days this month.  Stay tuned for more posts about what we’ve been up to on our extra days off from school!

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