A quick whine

I’m tired.

I just want to know how to get more time in a day.  I am loving my new Fitbit.  But it is telling me that I don’t get enough sleep.  I can’t even get everything done that I want in a day…how can I find more time to sleep.

Wake up at 6 AM, get ready, get the 2 boys out the door with me.  Drop off at daycare.  Get to school by 7:45 AM.

Work like a dog until 3:45 PM when I leave work to go pick up Punky at his school.   Pick up Kirby from daycare.  Get home.

Make dinner.  Clean up.  ENjoy my kids for what feels like just a bit.  Help get the boys ready for bed.   Kirby goes to bed at 7:30.  Punky starts the reading process at 8 PM.  By the time I am done with him, it’s almost 9, 9:30.

Make lunches.

Sit down with Keith a chat briefly about our day.  Watch a tv show to unwind with Keith.  Go to bed anywhere from 11 to 12.


I need to find time to get my butt to the gym.  I’d like a few more hours of sleep too.

Ok, I’m done.  Rough day.  I’m tired.


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