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ksleepingWOW.  18 days off from school, away from work.  I am ready to go back and have grown up conversations again.  I am ready to start getting registrations ready for next year.  I am ready to see my friends.  I am ready to get on top of all the transition meetings from middle school to high school and from elementary to middle school.  I am READY.

I will miss many things.

  • I will miss my morning snuggle time with each of my boys.  It’s crazy here on school days trying to get everyone out the door.
  • I will miss that goofy grin Kirby gets when you suddenly can’t find him…and you act out searching high and low for him.
  • I will miss Punky’s little snuggles he squeezes in every afternoon as he says, “I love you, Mama.”
  • I will miss making their lunches and sharing that time together.
  • I will miss picking up the living room multiple times during the day.
  • I will miss my multiple cups of coffee sipped leisurely every morning.  Rush, rush, rush it is during the school day.75205_10151799641761786_85040045_n
  • I will miss having all day to plan and make a yummy meal for dinner.
  • I will miss my little snoozes on the couch when Kirby is napping and Punky is playing.
  • I will miss staying up late when the house is quiet and just enjoying sometime for myself – blogging, watching TV, reading, etc.
  • I will miss Kirby passing out (see photo) before his naptime.
  • I will miss how often I got to play my turns on Words with Friends.
  • I will miss Kirby grabbing a book and coming up into my  lap to read with me.
  • I will miss Punky talking all about his sports stats and the latest MLB and NFL News.
  • I will miss hearing the giggles and laughter during the day as the boys chase each other or just get silly together.

At least Martin Luther King Day isn’t too far off, right?

photo (4)


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