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My boys are growing up.  Right before my eyes!

Punky had his first sleepover tonight with his best buddy.  Kirby wanted so badly to be a big boy and play with them.

The big boys played Xbox for awhile.  Kirby wanted to join them, so he teetered off and grabbed Punky’s batting  helmet. He used it as a football helmet, then grabbed his little football and started tossing it to me.

Look Mama!   I can play too!

Look Mama! I can play too!

photo 2

Mama, go long for the catch!

This kid is so cute!  The big boys just ate it right up and helped Kirby “throw” and “catch.”

The kids ate pizza from Broadway.  Kirby played with Daddy while Mama ran to Target.  Kirby got a bath too.  Poor kid is fighting some sort of a cold.  😦  When I got home, I snapped these pics of the big boys eating dessert and watching their movie.  They were so stinking excited about their sleepover.  It was so cute!

Watching their movie...just chilling.

Watching their movie…just chilling.

Being silly boys...

Being silly boys…

What a great day and an even better night!  It’s so fun to watch the kids all day long.  I so miss that since I work full-time.  And…now that Minnesota’s Governor closed schools for Monday, I have even more time to just “be a mom.”




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