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Been super busy here… I can’t believe Christmas is almost here!   I have a million things to do before then!

Haven’t done this for awhile, but since my mind is racing… here is life here in bullet points…

  • Ordered our Christmas cards last week….just waiting for them to be shipped.  I can’t wait to see how they turned out.
  • Punky and I will be sleeping for the 2nd night down in the basement on the pullout couch in the toyroom.  We’re trying to let Kirby cry and fall back asleep during the night, which is super hard when they share a room!
  • Random Rudolph started in our offices again… kinda like Secret Santa.  It’s lots of fun and has brought lots of laughter this week!
  • Megan (my cousin) is gathering recipes for a “Hill Cookbook” and we are to submit our favorite recipes from growing up and a few of our own favorites.  I added a new page on my blog to keep those here.  I always tend to go online and look for recipes, so here they are!  Click here!
  • My neck has been out for nearly a week.  I can barely turn my  head.  I’ve been to the chiropractor 3 times already and will go for a fourth time this week.   This has slowed my “going to the gym” progress.  Grrrrrr.
  • We got my van’s front bumper fixed 2 weeks ago, and this past week, I got in a little accident in Hubby’s car.  I just slid right into the back of an older lady’s car… good thing I was in a turn lane and trying to stop.  No real damage to either cars.  Phew.
  • It is colder than thrice-frozen ice cubes.  Going out for bus duty each afternoon is brutal. I’m ready for some temps above zero.  🙂  Please.
  • Hubby has 2 choir concerts coming up this weekend (well, technically 2 shows of one and then the cantata at church).  Excited to see him sing.
  • That Elf on The Shelf has been busy around here as well!  He certainly gets into a lot of trouble!  He’s dyed the milk green, wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper, packed a gross lunch for Punky, competed in a sack race against other toys, read books to friends, and taken a spin around the living room in a truck.   Silly elf.
  • Kirby is 16 months already!!!  Where does the time go?
  • Punky is so excited about Christmas, Santa, the elf, school, choir, and just in general.  He is one amazing little kid.  As I snuggled into bed with him tonight, he whispered, “Mama, I love you soooooooo much.   If someone wanted to trade me a diamond for you, I’d say no.  Never in my life.”
  • It’s getting late, I better hit the sack.

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One thought on “Bullet Point Happenings

  1. H Rupp says:

    Oh the joys of life and family! Hope your neck will be back to normal soon; praying the Lord will sustain you!

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