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Punky has been wowing me all month.  His love for school, his teacher, reading and math have just bowled me over!  The kid picks up books and reads now.  He loves to read and then reiterate all the stats from his sports magazines as well.  He loves to do his homework each week.  But, the biggest thing he has demonstrated this month… his leadership!  In kindergarten, after he watched an assembly at school, the child has been petrified of the food drive.  He swore he wasn’t going to school that day.  The winning class always competes against the local high school in an obstacle course.  Punky wanted none of that!   (Even when his hero, Michael Sales was in it last year!).  He has been vowing to not be in attendance that day.  So, this month, he headed up the classroom’s campaign for the food drive!   He and his teacher spent lots of time talking strategies.  He spent some of his birthday money on Ramen noodle boxes (in bulk) at Costco.  He asked others at church to help him collect…he collected 70 items there!  He alone collected nearly 300 items!

When his teacher asked him he other night if he’d be disappointed if they lost, he said, “No, because we fed lots of kids. That’s the important thing.”   Wow.

I went to school today after Kirby’s hearing tests (all turned out great!) and got to be in the classroom when the totals were announced.  His teacher snapped these photos…

20131126_155342 2013112695155622

SO proud of that kid!   He has a heart of gold.  Love you , Buddy!


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