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So, I’ve been trying to get Punky to try new things….step out of his comfort zone.  This week, I was so proud!  He tried ARTICHOKES after I had made a recipe with artichoke hearts in it, and he loved them, I had asked if he’d try an artichoke.

He did! SO proud of him!   What should we have him try next?  Anchovies?  (I think he has!)  Melted cheese?  (He still hates that!)  I’d say TABASCO, but  he puts that on all of his food before he eats it!  I know he’s not a fan of tuna, anything with melted cheese, hmmmmmmm… I guess I should just be happy with BABY STEPS, right?

Artichokes was a pretty big step!  🙂  Way to go, Buddy bear!

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