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Today is my brother’s 34th birthday.  Crazy how 34 years pass by!!!!   I remember when he was born. I was in kindergarten, and I stayed with my Grandma & Grandpa while Mom and Dad were at the hospital.  He was a pretty cute kid!

As we got older, I saw a few special gifts my brother has.  Wow….he can write poetry like no one else I know.  Amazing.  He can make me laugh like no other.  I am pretty sure he and Jon Stewart were separated at birth.   He also has this awesome gift of sarcasm, which I know every middle school teacher in America has… but my brother can whip things outta his mouth before I can even process what was just said!

I love that my kids adore their Uncle Mikey. (Yes, I kinda feel bad they call him Uncle Mikey, but he’ll always be Mikey to me!) Punky just cracks up when he is around Uncle Mikey, and Kirby just lights up!

Mike has the uncanny ability to know exactly what is bugging you….even if you haven’t said a word.  He’s super sensitive, and is a peace maker.  I love our phone calls, emails, and texts.  I do wish we lived closer, as I think we would hang out more!  I’m hoping he and Jeanne come back to Minnesota soon for another visit!  🙂

Love you, Mikey!   Keep being the awesome person that you are!   Never lose what makes you YOU!  You are amazing!  I love you!

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!


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