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Ever feel like some days are just so draining? Like the events of the day pull you in complete opposite directions?

Attending meetings today about kids not being successful at our school. Breaks my heart. But, sometimes the kids need just so much more than we can provide within the public school setting.

Leah’s transplant went well. She is very tired, but feels great. BIG CELEBRATION! Punky and I sent her an audio text with is singing “Happy Transplant Day to you…” Kirby wanted to chime in, so he sent his own babbling message to her. 🙂 Hope it cheered her day. She was on my mind all day today.

Learned Hubby’s uncle is not doing well. Hospice has been called in. Sad news.

We had an Administrative Council meeting at church tonight. Lots to celebrate, and lots more to pray for!

Kirby has been up a few times since we got home at 9:00. This may be a long night. On the other hand, Punky is exhausted… hopefully he stays sleeping through the night tonight. I hate when being overtired works against you. *fingers crossed*

Today I am thankful for the special relationships in our lives….whether it be at work or at church, or with friends. The people we surround ourselves with certainly have an impact on us. As I sat in meetings today and tonight, I sat back and reflected on the importance of each person there and what they can and have taught me thus far. I’m sure we’ll continue to grow together, and you know what….I’m surrounded by a great crew in so many facets of my life. So thankful for that.

Good night!

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