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Tomorrow is Leah’s stem cell transplant. I got an email from her mom today that just hit me hard. I guess every day I text Leah to try to be her “day brightener” and we chat about what’s going on…how she feels and what’s going on up here in Minnesota… She never really talks about how she really feels or how sick she truly is. So, reading her Mom’s email tonight was like a blow to my gut. She reported how the stem cell transplant will happen and how Leah has had heavy doses of chemo this week to prep her for the transplant. Then she said that Leah has been sleeping a lot. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I guess I never really picture how tired she must be from her fight… she is always so upbeat and happy in her texts. She is truly amazing! Her mom is heading to Iowa City now as she gets her transplant and then pretty much has to be in isolation for quite some time while she rebuilds her immune system. her daughters both have colds, so they are unable to visit her. I just wish I lived a bit closer so that I could pop in there and be there for her.

She sent me this picture a few weeks ago when she lost her hair (or rather the nurse shaved it as it was falling out so quickly).
I sent it back to her with the word “Beautiful” on it. She is beautiful, and she is a fighter.


Stay strong, my friend….hundreds of people are praying for you! Love you!

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2 thoughts on “A ton of bricks.

  1. oh, leah, you look amazing. stay strong. we’ll all be strong for you. i am definitely praying for you and that your transplant goes smoothly. and if you need any more hats, i am a rabid knitter. 🙂

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