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Monday. I was in a fog most of today. I think that my BP really has me freaked out. The best parts of today had to do with my kids. (Big surprise there, right?!) 😉

Punky was so proud of his names on his shirt today to celebrate Veteran’s Day. It was a bit bittersweet as last year, he had both Grandpas on earth to celebrate. This year, he wanted my dad on his sticker as well as Grandpa Kenny…..”even though he’s not here anymore. We still need to say thank you, Mom…” He also listed my childhood friend, Iffy, as well. He loves when we happen to be in Illinois when Iffy also happens to be home visiting his family. He also has had a special spot in his heart for Iffy.


We also had dinner tonight with friends of ours. It was totally impromptu…..and it was so much fun to visit with them! Hubby had a choir concert tonight for Veteran’s Day, so we just called friends, brought dinner over and had fun! 🙂

Last night, while HUbby had choir practice, I snapped these pics of the boys. They were having so much fun. There were so much side-splitting laughter from these two…


So much fun to listen to them and to watch their interactions. Punky is such an awesome big brother and Kirby just worships his big brother!

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