Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Friday was a long day… it’s been a bit crazy at work. As I walked to my hall duty post today, I had a sharp stabbing pain in my eye. I popped a blood vessel in my eye. Last time this happened, I didn’t feel it. A bit concerning.

As I went on with my day meeting with a few district supervisors, I had the pain again in another part of my same eye.

Two of my friends lured me into the health office at school. Kathy took my blood pressure and it was sky high. I tried to lie down for a bit to relax, but it went up. I got a ride from another one of my friends to the doctor’s office where Hubby met me.

My BP went down as I sat there, but my eye was still concerning to me.

I went to the eye doctor after my lab work was completed with my doctor. Everything looked good in my eye as well.

My A-ha moment today……a wake up call. I need to get my butt to the gym as well as make a few other changes in my life. Why? I have two awesome kids I’d like to be around for and one awesome husband. My BP has got to come down!

Thankful for my friends today…… I work with some of the best peeps around!

Here we go….


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