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photo(14)This morning, I was a CRAB APPLE!!!!!

Could be due to my monthly “friend” (who is not really a friend!); the fact that my new shirt had a hole in it when I went to put it on (I’ll be taking that one back!), and the fact that I kept putting things down and not being able to find them when I needed them later (eyeliner, boot socks, phone, etc).  It was just a horrible, no-good, very-bad- morning!

Just started the day off crabby…and I so did not want to go back to work.  Just seems like lots of petty things going on there as I sit back and look at the whole picture…my thoughts always come back to Leah and what she’s going through right now as she battles her cancer.  (Speaking of…she heads back to the hospital this weekend for another round of chemo and then they start the transplant of those stem cells!  Yay!)  The picture to the right was my Facebook status this morning…warning the world to stay out of my way.

Anyway, I just don’t care for the drama from some parts of my job lately.

So, I entered the building and just spewed to everyone how crabby I was…then my buddies made me laugh…hysterically.  I felt so much better!   To top off my cheering up session, I headed out to the hallways for hall duty before school.  How can the faces of nearly 2,000 middle schoolers NOT cheer a person up!   Lots of “Good Mornings!” and “Hi, Mrs. Schads!” just made me feel better.

The day got better as it went on.  I kept thinking of dinner cooking at home (Ranch Pork Chops in the crock pot), Hubby working from home, and a night home with my boys.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I picked up Kirby from daycare first (I usually pick him up second) then surprised Punky at school with Kirby!  They are so darn cute together… Kirby is just so fascinated by his big brother.

I got home, snapped a photo of Punky in the driveway getting out of the minivan; got the mail; and headed inside to finish off making dinner.

I made twice baked potatoes (with the insides of the potatoes I used to make Potato Skins for Monday Night Football), broccoli, and then the yummy Greek salad (I had ordered it from Jet’s Pizza for lunch, but never got around to eating it) ANCHOVIES and all.  Yum.  (Yep, you read that right…a real Greek salad has those tasty treats on it!)

As dinner was cooking, I went back to my phone and peeked at the picture I took earlier of Punky.


He’s such a cutie!  How can I girl stay crabby when she gets to be with him when she gets home!?  Here’s to having a FABULOUS FRIDAY!   The weekend is near!!!!!


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