Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

today was a long day.  a very long day both at work and with personal “stuff”

tonight, Punky and I were texting his teacher back and forth and they started taking pictures of themselves sleeping in various places.  Punky made up his poses….on the couch reading, standing against a wall, etc.  When he posed for this picture, I was smitten.


This kid is 100% awesome.  His sense of humor is second to none.  His sweetness and innocence just exude from his pores!  He is so excited for school this year!  He is learning to LOVE reading (just like his mama!) almost as much as he loves MATH (so, not like his mama!).

Remember these days?

Preschool at CPHS…

Getting ready for kindergarten

Oh oh, my ADHD is kicking is….remember this day in kindergarten!

How did I not blog about life as a first grader? Except this?   (Oh, maybe because I had a baby and was completely overwhelmed with life?!?)

Ok, back to the point…I guess I didn’t blog much about Punky’s school anxiety issues.  We certainly lost many hours of sleep in this household from preschool through first grade!

That is so not the case this year, and I am so excited watching this little guy bloom into an amazing kid!  I asked him tonight if he still wanted to meet with the school social worker so that I could return the permission slip.  He said yes because he still has a lot of worrying in his head.  🙂  But, ya know what, he’s telling me about it now!   🙂  And he is so successful at so many things at school and at home…he is growing up!!!!! He’ll get there!  😉

Good night, sweet Punky!



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