Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

November 5th.   Election night.  First Snowfall in the Twin Cities.  I wore ballerina slippers out tonight in the slush to go out shopping for boots!  My feet were soaked…but I got really cute boots in black, brown and gray.  😉

At dinner tonight, my heart nearly exploded.  First of all, each night after we pray and start eating, Punky always says, “So…… Dad, how was your day?” then he listens intently and responds if he can.  He even asks questions about his job.  Then he’ll turn to me, and say, “Ok, Mom, your turn…how was your day?” His innocence instantly melts the yuckiness of the day away, I have to smile and tell him a quick snippet of my day.  Then, we always ask how his day was.  It just makes my insides smile each night.

Then, this goofball, DEVOURED an entire chicken cordon bleu.  How can you not laugh at this face?


Sometimes a little time spent with those we love totally changes our day!

🙂 Melissa


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