Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

I love making little things special so that Punky gets excited, and so he has fun memories about little things in life.  Tonight was no exception.  I was born in suburban Chicago.  My football team…DA BEARS.  All the way!   I cheer for them loudly and I watch every game I can up here in the Tundra.  The best part…my Punky is a sport fanatic!   He loves football, and he loves my Bears!   I love that he cheers them on just as loudly as his Mama!

Today, I picked Punky up from school, and on our way to get Kirby, Punky and I decided tonight was going to be appetizer night (like the super bowl and the Oscars!).  He chimed in his favorites and asked if I could make them.

My answer….. “Absolutely Buddy!”

So, I go home, wrapped little cocktail wieners in bacon; baked potatoes and made potato skins, and threw together a few other things for our “feast.”   My sister and her hubby made this cabinet door into a chalkboard and someday I will hang it in my kitchen, but today…it was leaned up on the table to present to the little football fan, our feast…our special night.

Here it is!


Punky loved every minute of watching that first half, chomping on his treats.  Me?  I am tired, the kitchen is a mess…there are lots of dishes to do… but it was totally worth it!  (And the Bears are up at halftime as I type this out!)

Good Night!

I look forward to the day when my other little fan can stay up to watch with us!  😉


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