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photo(10)Sunday.  I’ve been quite negative lately when it comes to going to church on Sundays.  A few things frustrate me, but I learned today that I can’t let it get to me.  How did I learn that today?  By sitting in the crying room with my boys.  Punky was in the worship service through children’s time.   I was trying to put Kirby in the nursery, but after closing the door and walking to the sanctuary I could hear him wailing, so I went back to grab him.  I’d rather be with him anyway…so we plopped down in the crying room and he started to play.  Punky arrived back in the crying room after children’s time, and that’s when I realized it.  Watching Punky and Kirby interact and play… THAT was what is important… not being super negative and frustrated since “All I do is sit in the crying room” was my attitude.

Yes, I do sit in the crying room… but ya know what, I have two pretty special little boys with me!   😉  Watching them interact; hearing their giggles; listening to them “talk…” That is what I love most… not sitting in a pew shushing my kid so everyone can hear the sermon… The service gets piped into the crying room anyway, so I can listen and feel my heart melt all at once.


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