Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

photo(9)Saturday.  I love that day.   Why?  Hubby takes the kids downstairs or in their room at 7 AM (when Punky knows he can “get up” on a weekend) and plays while Mama gets to catch up on her sleep.  I know…you never really catch up on sleep, but dang, it feels so good to get a few extra hours each Saturday morning!  Most Saturdays, Hubby totally spoils me and makes breakfast for all of us then sends Punky upstairs to wake me up.  Today, I thought I’d surprise him and make a breakfast dish in the crock pot, so he could just have fun with the boys.  That didn’t work out so well for me.  The dish was “Eh.”  Nothing great.  Oh well, it’s the thought that counts anyway, right?  😉

Punky and I met up with Punky’s fantabulous teacher today up at the Arts and Craft Show at our local high school.  Man, how that boy has blossomed!!!!  He walked right up to a booth where an older man was selling wooden birdhouses and asked the man if he was the one who made the birdhouses because they were very nice.  The man’s eyes just sparkled as he told Punky how he made the houses and showed him the different models.   Melted my heart!

And then, to watch Punky walk around with his teacher and joke with her and with me was so much fun!  Man, I love that kid!

While we were walking around, he said, “Mama, feel this table, it’s so soft!”  I felt it and it was velvet material covering the table.  I said, “Buddy, remember this week we were reading a book and they talked about velvet, and you asked what it was… this is it!!!!”  His eyes just danced as he recalled the part in the book and smiled.  His brain is always going.  I love it!

This afternoon, Kirby and I went to Aldi and spent $164.  Yikes!   Came home, emptied the bags and then I headed over to a friend’s house for Girls’ night!  We had apps, and dinner and just sat and talked, laughed and talked for over 5 hours!   It was therapeutic and so much fun!!!!

Hubby also winterized all the outdoor stuff today, and I have to say our yard looks great!   🙂  Thanks, Hubby!

Things I am thankful for today:  my hubby and his weekly Saturday gift to me, Punky’s sense of humor, Kirby’s ability to communicate quite well even though he doesn’t say more than “uhhhh. uhhhhh,” Punky’s fantastic teacher who I just love chatting with…which leads me to FRIENDS.  I’ve been blessed with fantastic friends who help me out along this crazy ride called life!

And, since we turn back the clocks tonight…I will catch up on yet another hour of sleep.  😉  Ahhhhhhhh!




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