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Every night I ask Punky what his HIGH and LOW were for the day.  He will tell me his highlight and then he usually says “nothing” was his low… not sure he grasps what I mean by that or that he’s just too sweet to complain.  Anyway, today my highs were:peek

My “Virtual Lunch date” with Leah!  I get ZERO phone reception in my office (AKA Fort Knox), but the cool thing is that with iMessage on my iPad, I can send texts to those with iPhones.  So, today, I grabbed my lunch, shut my office door and texted back and forth with Leah for 20 minutes.   It was awesome!  We chatted about the cacner floor being ful today so she was unable to be admitted this AM as planned.  I shared with her Kirby’s Halloween costume.  (You want to know, too, right?!  He’s going to be so stinking cute!)  Here’s a sneak peek pic of what I ordered (to the right).   It’s precious, right?  And nice and warm for those nasty Minnesota Halloween evenings!  😉  I digress… we also chatted about our kids, and I sent her a funny cartoon to make her laugh.  It was the best lunch I’ve had in quite awhile!


I went to pickup Punky at school, and he bounced out of the door.  As we approached the car, he said, “Mama, could you please take my picture of me in yellow and send it to Connor?”  My heart melted.  So, knowing I had no way of sending it to Connor, I snapped his picture.  Just because I think he is one of the sweetest kids ever.


After school, I took the boys to get haircuts.  I never got a picture of them, but the two of them giggling around Fantastic Sams while Hubby got his hair cut made my heart smile.  We waited for Hubby to be done so he could take Kirby home and Punky and I could  grab dinner to bring home from Chan’s.

Poor Hubby got about 2 hours of sleep last night due to this steroid-induced 14 month old who likes to play for 2-4 hours in the middle of the night this week.  I texted him that I was going to get the boys’ haircuts, and he wrote back “Sipping Coke” on his way home.  My hubby is awesome. 

It’s 10:26 PM and my house is quiet.  I just put the last load of laundry in the dryer.  I will make Punky’s lunch, and then I will hit the sack…with a smile on my face, as I am truly blessed.

Good night! 😉  (And like Punky, I don’t have a low today… just looked at everything today as a true gift…maybe that’s how he sees it every day too!)







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