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imageThe clock keeps ticking…

My best friend Leah gets admitted tomorrow for her stem cell mobilization process.  She’ll be in the hospital until Sunday.   I ordered her seven Lucky Bamboo plants to be delivered to her on Thursday.  Why Bamboo?  First, it’s lucky.  Second, it’ll live with little effort on her part…just keep the vase full of water.  Third, it will live!  At first I picked out several beautiful flower arrangements, but then thought about what would happen to them….they’ll die off.  That’s depressing.  So, this way, she can bring her bamboo home with her and it can be a daily reminder of how much she means to me.  🙂  In the card I sent with it, I explained that Bamboo was lucky, but then went on to explain that she didn’t need any luck….she had lots of friends, family, love and prayers surrounding her.  She will beat this!  🙂

I also went to Walgreens tonight for some things.  I ended up buying about 10-12 Hallmark cards to send her each day.  I broke down crying in the middle of the store.  Life is just so unfair sometimes.

Kirby is feeling much better!  HIs color is coming back, and he is much perkier!  🙂   Thank you God!  🙂   I hated watching him labor to breathe.  So sad.  But, God is awesome, and he is on the mend.

As far as Punky’s “friend” at school…he is still hanging on.  That poor family.  I can’t even imagine what they are going through.  His poor teachers.  Those poor classmates.  His poor older siblings.  Life is so unfair sometimes.  WHen i picked Punky up today from school, he said that he had to wear yellow tomorrow as it is Connor’s favorite color.  So, tonight, he remembered he had to pick  out a yellow shirt, so since Kirby was already sleeping in their bedroom, he used the light of my iPhone to light up his dresser (And not wake his brother) as he dug through drawers looking for yellow.   He proudly held up last year’s flag football jersey and said, “Mama, I will wear this for Connor!”  Bless his heart.

I was so wiped today from the stress of Kirby, Leah, etc…I am off to bed.  Hopefully, some cute little 14 month old won’t be getting up anytime soon.  But, if he does….that’s ok.  🙂  I am blessed to have my two little munchkins.   Life goes on… and I guess that’s what keeps us going.

Good night!


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