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I have been so overwhelmed with life for the past week. Not sure I see a light at the end of this tunnel, but I am praying really hard to find one soon.

Last Saturday, I learned that my bestest childhood friend has Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma. The worst part was that she was diagnosed the day after my father-in-law passed away in March, but didn’t know how to tell me. Thankfully, our moms still are near neighbors so last weekend her mom went to my mom’s house and spilled the beans. Am I mad at her for not telling me…..NO WAY! I can’t be, as I would have no way of knowing how I would react if I were in her shoes. I am most disappointed that she has missed out on almost 6 months of prayers! God does wonderful things….and I’m hoping He helps her on her journey. This week, she checks in at her hospital and begins the stem cell transplant process. My job…gathering Prayer Warriors for her. We have some time to make up for! πŸ™‚

Punky has a little boy in his grade who was diagnosed with a brain tumor this past June, and hospice has been called in this past weekend. Punky is really struggling with this. Each day, he wakes up and says, “Mama, this could be his last morning waking up…” So sad. Tonight, Punky wrote a post on the little boy’s Caringbridge site. I wanted to burst into tears… so sweet.

Kirby went to Punky’s flag football games on Saturday morning and then later in the afternoon developed this nasty cold. We missed church on Sunday as our night was pretty tough. His breathing was fairly labored this morning after nebbing him 4 times over night so we took him in. Poor little guy has an ear infection and possibly pneumonia. The Doc said that diagnosing him with pneumonia wouldn’t change the course of treatment, so we opted out of the chest x-ray. He slept in my arms for most of the day. He was prescribed steroids, antibiotics and more Albuterol for the nebulizer. He spit out all medication this morning….Mr. Sassy Pants. Tonight, he spit some of the antibiotic out, but at least he kept some in! πŸ™‚ If he hasn’t shown improvement before noon tomorrow, we have to take him in to Children’s Hospital. 😦 Spitting out his meds is not helping!

Hubby attended a funeral on Saturday for a very special lady. She was the daughter of the Pastor who married us. She and her family will and always have held a special place in our hearts. We had to divide and conquer on Saturday in order to hit the family’s scheduled activities, so Hubby attended the funeral. I am not sure I could have handled a funeral this week… I keep praying.

There’s got to be a light at he end of this tunnel….soon!!!!

I am off to bed. This post was interrupted by a spunky little 14 month old who thought it was time to party at 10 PM! 😦 Good night…

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