Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Here I sit at the scrapbooking house waiting for my few purchases to download (sorry, Hubby), and I’m just clicking through hundreds of pictures I’ve taken in the past few years.  My heart is swelling.  I truly am blessed in oh-so-many ways.  Taking these weekends a couple of times a year is so rejuvenating.  It makes you focus on the importance of the blessings in your life, makes you reflect on the joys in your life, and just makes you feel overall at peace.  There are no interruptions, no schedule, nothing but laughter, storytelling (through your books and with your friends), and good plain fun.

I really miss my boys!  It’s nice to stare at pictures all day long, but what I wouldn’t give for a hug and a snuggle! It’s been so sweet.  Punky has FaceTimed me each night.  He sits and tells me what he did all day.  Tonight he flashed each of the 12 football cards he got today on the screen so I could see each one.   Then we watched a bit of the Bears game together.  It was so sweet.

I’ve stayed up the past two nights until 3 AM and then slept until 10 each morning.  Ahhhhhhh.  It’s now 12:05 AM, and I’m thinking I won’t be up that late tonight.  My eyes are tired from looking at the computer for the past 2 days.  (Edit:  It is now 1:40 AM…the pictures took awhile to upload…but I am still going!)

Here are some pages I have finished so far this trip.

I better get back to scrapping!  Good night!


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