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Today was a good day.  🙂

Punky started Sunday School.  He has moved up to the 2nd grade class, so he has a new teacher, and he loves her!  After worship, we had a potluck dinner, and the kids ate fairly quickly so that the could get out to the kickball field.  However, the kickball game wasn’t advertised as in past years, so it kind of petered out.  Keith changed his clothes and went out to play kickball with Punky, Pastor Jonathan, and Pastor’s two boys.  Meanwhile, Kirby fell asleep in his stroller, so I walked out there, sat on a bench, and logged in to the Chicago Bears Mobile app so that I could “Watch” my Bears football game.

All of a sudden, this huge raucous came from the kickball field.  I looked up and these 2 HUGE sand cranes had flown into center field and were making it known that they didn’t appreciate the boys playing kickball.  Yikes!   I took a picture with my phone, but it was kind of far away…I wish I could have gotten a picture with Keith in it, so that you can see just how huge these birds were.   I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie!






















And the noise that came from these 2 birds was just incredible.  There was no doubt, they were angry!  Not sure if they had young ones near by or what, but I wasn’t about to sacrifice my young ones to find out.

Needless to say, that ended the kickball game.

We came home, and Kirbby had fallen asleep in the car, so Hubby put him down for a nap, and I turned on the  tv, sat in our “new” recliner leather chair from my in-laws’ home, and watched my Bears.  I was happy.  I didn’t realize how much I missed football until I was sitting there today…yelling at the TV.

After a Bears victory and Kirby was up, Hubby took my grocery lists and went to the store while I decided to try out these fantastic jalapeno pepper “thingies” as the Pioneer Woman calls them.  They are little gems from heaven.  Hop on over to the Pioneer Woman’s website and MAKE THEM!


That was a picture before they went into the oven to melt into little pieces from heaven.  When they were done, I divided them up onto our little appetizer plates and set them out to be eaten.   They went F-A-S-T!   I can’t wait for our next batch of peppers!



After our “Snack” I started making dinner.  We grilled steaks, potatoes and had green beans as well.   Kirby joins us in eating our food when he can…. He’s almost to the point where he could just eat what we are eating.

I spoke with my Grandma today and wished her a very happy Grandparent’s Day!   🙂

DInner was delicious.  I then made baths for the 2 boys…and so many giggles resonated through the house.  Love when they have fun together!

After dinner, the boys went to bed.  We enjoyed a glass of wine and some TV.  I need to get to bed soon, but I wanted to share with you Punky’s new lunchbox this year.  It;s a PlanetBox.  We LOVE it! Totally saves us on plastic baggies.   Any way,  Here are 2 lunches he’s had so far with his new lunch box…



I hope he enjoys his lunches!  🙂

I have to get to bed….my eyes are closing as I type!



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